There’s a new trend on the Insta block and it sure is leaving ‘grammers spellbound. The ‘infinity‘ trend has been making the rounds on Instagram and its users have been jumping on this bandwagon with some amazing Reels. While the trend is about holding an object of your choice and adding a twist with a lighting device, creators have been raising the creativity bar with their content, leaving everyone going cray-cray! So, here are some Reels by content creators that’re absolutely stunning.

Check ‘em out!

1. Siddharth Nigam

Siddharth jumped on this trend where he uses a gym equipment as his object. We absolutely love the transition from the weights to a ring light at the drop of the beat. Can you really blame us for watching this on loop?

2. Faisal Shaikh

Faisal takes his own deo, 2407 Crush by Mr. Faisu as his object for this trend. But it is that transition to a red light that really leaves us with goosebumps. He adds this own touch and twist to this one, making us totally love his version of the trend.

3. Shadan Farooqui

Here’s another member of Team 07 who took the classic route by sticking to the original trend way. The plate has been most ‘grammers fave and go-to. We love how Saddu’s Reel makes us wanna jump on the trend right away. BRB… searching for a ring light right away.

4. Krutika

Gotta trust Krutika to raise the creativity bar with her Reels especially when she jumps on trends. Krutika a.k.a. @themermaidscales took a very relatable incident which does stand to be quite unique for this trend. The transition of the light not from behind the creator but from the mouth just made us go wowza! Keep Reelin’ gurl ’cause we cannot get enough of your content.

5. Shriya Jain

Well, well, well here’s a creator who used the object of transition as the object to transition from. And we quite like how Shriya has made this trend bandwagon look so easy yet stunning. Hold on guys, just adding the ring light to the cart, hehe!

6. Shivani Kapila

WOW, Shivani a.k.a. LittleGlove made our eyes pop with amazement with her version of this Reel trend. She used the dried Pampas grass as her object which then transitioned to two LED lights being removed like swords, and OMG we can’t get enough of this Reel. This creator proves that a slight creative change can truly make a big difference.

So these are some of the Reels by creators on the ‘infinity‘ trend that are so good that we couldn’t stop ourselves from saving it for some future Reel inspo. Looking at how amazingly well these creators have pulled this trend off, we cannot wait to try it out ourselves. If you were looking for some motivation to jump on the trend bandwagon, we hope these Reels will give you that nudge. On a side note, we hope you all are staying safe and have taken your vaccination shots.