The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist

The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist

Barkha Chawla

Once you touch the 36thweek mark, you know you’re ready to pop! Any day can be the day, you see your baby for the first time. Technically, when you’re in early labor, you can pack your hospital bag but that does not mean you should wait for that long. Once you step into the 3rd trimester, it’s better to keep your bags packed. Only 5% of babies are actually born on their due date.

Sometimes it’s possible your labor might get extended and you’ll be at the hospital longer than you expected, so it’s good to make a checklist and mark items once you start packing your bag.

Usually, hospitals provide essentials too, but it’s better to have things that you like and are comfortable using.

So, thinking what to pack? And what you might essentially need?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are our tried-and-tested items that should come along with you to the hospital.


What to pack for the mum

While you’re not going on a trip, it’s important to carry everything that you use on daily basis –

- Your insurance and other important documents - Make sure to pack multiple copies of all the important papers that you’ll need, your ID proofs, the Paediatrician’s contact details, insurance papers, hospital package papers etc.

- Chargers and other equipment  -If you’re carrying a camera, pack the charger as well. Pack your phone charger, AirPods, and your kindle, in case you need it.

- Carry comfortable clothes for yourself and your partner. You’ll need it throughout your hospital stay.

- A going home outfit for yourself and your partner.

- Nursing wear – bras, tops, dresses whatever you feel comfortable in.

- You can get disposable underwear as you’ll be changing a lot of times.

- Postpartum pads are a necessity after giving birth. The extra-absorbent ones are probably a good idea.

- Lip balm, socks, flip-flops, headband, or scrunchies. Trust me, these will help you feel more in place and comfortable.

- One thing that you must not forget is nipple balm. Your nipples will get extra stiff and painful after the delivery and the nipple balm will come in handy.

- A few snacks and reusable bottles. You might be on a restrictive diet but your partner might need a few snacks while you’re in L&D.


What to pack for the baby

Now that you have a fair idea about what to pack for yourself, what about your baby?

Fret not, here’s the list of things you should consider packing for the baby.

- Onesies and Vests, depending on the length of your stay at the hospital, pack 3 clothes per day for your little one.

- A going-home outfit, match it with yours if you’d like, or get something extra fancy. Take the weather into consideration and pack an outfit accordingly.

- A cap, mittens, socks, and booties. Babies can get cold easily, so don’t forget to pack these for your mini.

- Burp cloths and swaddles. Little babies spit up a lot and you’ll need a lot of burp cloths. Get swaddles to tie your little one and keep them cosy.

- Pack a heavy blanket for your baby as the temperature at the hospitals is usually low.

- Announcement card and props to click the most adorable pictures to share with your friends and family.


Here are a few items you can consider packing, depending on your choice and need.

- Breast pump

- Hairdryer

- Massage oils

- Breastfeeding pillow

- Towels for yourself and the baby

And here you have it, your hospital bag is all set!

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