Years may pass by but our love for Indian cinema and Bollywood movies will never die out, amirite or amirite? And as all of you know, it’s been 20 years of the iconic movie, ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham‘ famously known as K3G on 14th December 2021. Hence, many content creators have celebrated this occasion and expressed their love for this movie in a very ‘fun-tastic‘ way through Reels on the audios and dialogues of this movie. So are you ready to witness all things entertainment? Well then…  

Take A Chill Pill And Scroll Down…

1. Ruhee Dosani

Gosh isn’t she just PHAT, she really shocked us with her K3G avatar. We can’t stop ourselves from saying this but ‘haaye main mar jawaan‘ after watching this Reel. What stole the show here is her candid smile. Somehow she always manages to radiate positivity and happiness through her content. Also, Ruhee “Tumhe koi haq nai ki tum itni khoobsurat lago, not fair”!

2. Manav Chhabra

Oh my my, Manav has aced this popular tongue twister like a pro! Love how he adds an extra touch to this Reel by saying “Finally got it” towards the end just like the way it’s in the movie. Honestly, this dialogue is so quick that him replicating it made us wanna watch this on loop.

3. Aadil Khan

Aadil collaborated with the gorgeous, Arti Singh Sharma and we love this Reel to bits. The best part is how each move is connected to the lyric of the song. Not to mention, those smooth moves got us grooving too. Well, if you wanna learn a new choreography then this is defo the one!

4. Sonal Devraj and Sampat Singh Rathore

If this Reel does not give you major Rahul and Anjali vibes then we don’t know what will! Sonal created this Reel on the occasion of them seeing each other for the first time 7 years back and what better way than to jump on a K3G song? Well, we loved how the ending was so filmy. It really made us feel as if we were watching a short Bollywood movie, heheh.

5. Melvin Louis

Melvin’s the best when it comes to dancing and we know it all. He paired up with the beautiful, Priya Pereira Chhabria to dance along to the song ‘Yeh Ladki Hai Allah‘! What really caught our attention was the hook step of this song. We love how seamless they’ve made this dance routine look. So, watch this Reel and tell us how it waaaasss!

6. Mayur Jumani

Well, if you wanna know what happens when the famous ‘Gamla‘ scene and the title song of K3G are put together, then you should defo watch this Reel! No doubt Mayur is a genius when it comes to creativity. Looking at the number of devices he has used to create this mix clearly shows how hardworking and dedicated he is, right?

7. Sanket Mehta

Woah, on the occasion of K3G completing 20 years this trend is breaking the ‘gram and how! This trend is all about transitioning into an Indian version of yourself. The vibe of this Reel matches so damn well with the movie that it defo took us back in time. And Sanket as always looks dashing in traditionals, haina?

8. Naveen Sharma

Oh damn, that transition was so smooth! Naveen is a charmer and he always manages to make such soothing content for our eyes that we can’t ever skip. Also, we really feel the way he entered in this Reel was so similar to Shahrukh Khan’s style, don’t you think so too? Anyway, say ‘Shava Shava‘ and jump on making such Reels yourself before they die down.

9. Aastha Shah and Jiggar Thakkar

This Reel is a vibe on another level only. Did you just mentally ask us why? Well for that you will have to watch how amazingly Aastha and Jiggar have recreated a Gen-Z version of this scene. All the millennials in the house will most probably love this Reel cause it’s super relatable and ‘Attitude’ worthy, hahah.

10. Rahill Mehta

This guy out here is honestly a genius when it comes to making any remix. He managed to add all the songs of K3G under just 30 seconds and we’re absolutely hooked to his remake. All the dancers out there, get your feet tapping ‘cause there’s one more audio in the library for you to groove to. So, channel your inner confidence like never before!

Finally, that’s an end to a beautiful line-up. But there are many more creators who’ve created wholesome Reels on this iconic movie and we will never ever be able to get over them. We love how each creator has picked up something different from the movie and have given their on twist to it. On a side note, I hope everyone is staying home and safe.