Skincare is essential and it is the most luxurious form of self-care. Skincare routines and techniques cannot always be the same. You have to switch up your routine time and again to match the season and climatic conditions. A change in the temperature demands a change in your skincare routine. And you need to replace products and ingredients with special or more season-oriented products that will make your skin thrive and give it an everlasting glow. With the winter season taking over and temperatures dropping, you must make a few changes in your skincare routine to avoid dry and rough skin, chapped lips and acne.

1) Moisturise

Moisturise by Prostock-studio |

Moisturise. Moisturise. Moisturise. This is a mantra you should live by and it will not fail you. Moisturizing is the key to soft and healthy skin, especially during the winters. Pick a good moisturiser that lasts for long hours and don’t forget to lather yourself with it. It is a trusty tip that you shouldn’t skip. It is simple, effective and solves more than half of your problems (almost, haha).

2) Lip Balm

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Lip Balms

Chapped lips are annoying and look extremely displeasing. They often tear and cause bleeding, making it a persistent problem. Don’t forget to carry a lip balm whenever you leave the house, especially during the cold months. Instead of buying the coloured lip balms, opt for simple petroleum jelly—it provides all-around protection and is long-lasting, keeping your lips glossy and moisturised and preventing them from getting chapped.

3) Sunscreen

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Sunscreen should be a daily essential, no matter which season. It is the most important part and product of your skincare routine. We often make the grim mistake of skipping sunscreen during the winter season but winter means less sunlight and not no sunlight. Hence, sunscreen provides protection from sun rays and harsh winter winds. It restores the moisture in your skin and helps repair cracks.

4) Use Lukewarm Water

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Avoid using cold water once the temperatures start dipping. The cold water doesn’t soothe the dry skin but makes it worse. Your skin lacks moisture and warmth and you need to try and restore it. Using lukewarm water helps warm up your skin, cutting the dryness and making your skin feel good. Do not use boiling water, it may burn your skin and you may develop rashes.

5) Don’t Exfoliate Too Much

Body Scrub Africa Studio |
Body Scrub

Exfoliating your skin acts as a blessing because it helps in replenishing the dead skin cells. But over-exfoliation during the cold increases dryness and leads to skin peeling and redness. Moisturizing is what you should opt for to combat the cold and keep your skin hydrated and comfortable.

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