These creator Reels will surely open a bag full of memories and nostalgia for you. This just shows that we’ve all grown up on the same songs, shows and movies and a mere mention of any of them feels like a warm hug and leads to an instant connection. You can’t help but sing, ‘vibe teri meri mildi aa’ in such situations, hehe. Well, we love how Kusha Kapila, Dolly Singh, Komal Pandey, Aqeel Hyder, Kareema Barry and Harshit Sharma have taken us on a trip down the memory lane with their fun and nostalgic Reels. Scroll your way through them and have a gala time rejoicing the golden days of our growing up years. You might as well play ‘yaadein yaad aati hai’ in the background to get in the feels, hahah.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

1. Kusha Kapila

We would like to blame Bollywood movies for changing the way we want to feel sad as well. You’re lying if you say that you haven’t looked out of the window and imagined an invisible camera on yourself while a sad song played in your head to get the right feels of being sad, hehe. We’ve all done that and Kusha Kapila has totes aced it at being a NRI who is sad in a Bollywood movie in this Reel, it’s almost uncanny.

2. Dolly Singh

Remember switching channels when ‘kaata laga’ would come on TV especially when you were seated in your living room? Well, all of us have a memory attached with this iconic song and honestly, Dolly Singh has nailed it at recreating Shefali Jariwala’slewk’ from the early 2000’s. Ngl, this Reel by Dolly has opened a door to nostalgia and we’re now reminiscing the days when we would call 9XM to request a song, hahah.

3. Komal Pandey

This week we’re celebrating ‘20 Years Of K3G and this ‘PHAT’ Reel by Komal Pandey imagining how Poo would dress up in 2021 is just fab, isn’t it? Poo truly raised the fashion standards with the film 20 years ago and Komal has been doing the same now and we’re totes in love with this crossover of two iconic fashionistas. “How dare you Komal? Tumhe koi haq nahi banta ki tum itni accurate rendition karo, not fair”.

4. Kareema Barry

‘Oh sanam, mohabbat ki kasam’, listening to songs sung by Lucky Ali is a vibe, right? That ‘hmmm’ can cure anything in a jiffy and Kareema Barry here has aced it at what it is to listen to his songs. Every song has an emotion attached and we can just feel it when it’s a Lucky Ali song.

5. Aqeel Hyder

Ngl, life hasn’t been the same since ‘nani‘ from ‘Shararat’ didn’t virtually meet us. This Reel by Aqeel Hyder really makes us want to relive our childhood days. Haha, we wish we could use the chant ‘shring bring sarvaling, bhoot bhavishya vartamaan badling’ and see Shanti aunty’s husband’s face behind the newspaper back in the day, hehe.

6. Harshit Sharma

Honestly, nothing can get our feet tapping like a 90’s Bollywood banger. Harshit Sharma and Kusha Kapila is us when any old bolly-hit plays and just its beats are enough to make our heart smile and dance in ecstacy. Brb, going through Harshit and Kusha’s Reels to get some great additions for our ‘Hit Up The Dance Floor‘ playlist to rock and roll on new years, woohoo.

Aren’t these Reels way too funny and relatable? We’re sure that most of us are going to go back and watch the shows we have grown up watching. On a side note, we urge you to get vaccinated and stay safe.