Amazon miniTVs show Adulting‘s Ray and Nikhat seemed to have made a special place in every fan’s heart. And I guess that is exactly why the fans are also reciprocating back with some super fun fan arts. Well, in case you didn’t get it, let me tell you fans have been showering love for Ray and Nikhat by making some beautiful sketches of them.

Right from season one to season three, Aisha Ahmed and Yashaswini Dayama‘s fever has been truly catching up and why wouldn’t it? I mean, as Ray and Nikhat, the girls are relatable at so many levels, and that’s exactly why they are such a hit amongst the fans too.

And before I say anything much about them, you ought to check out these 12 amazing fan arts that have been made for the Adulting girls:

Well, Ray and Nikhat have been relatable to me at so many levels, and in case you haven’t witnessed how cool they are, you can see Adulting season 3 for free on Amazon mini TV. It is exclusively available on your shopping apps, but for now, only android users can enjoy the magic of adulting, iOS users will have to wait for a while. But don’t lose hope guys, for, Adulting is the same boat, you, me, Ray, and Nikhat are traveling on.

And if you are smitten by these gorgeous fan arts, you too can show your love to Ray and Nikhat by submitting your sketches. So, recreate your favorite moments from the show and share them on Instagram with the #AdultingOnAmazonminiTV and see the shoutouts you get back. So get ready and start sketching, for, you won’t regret it.

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