Plant-Powered Wellness: All You Need To Know

Plant-Powered Wellness: All You Need To Know

Barkha Chawla

As a society, we are stepping into a future where people are consciously making an effort to take the organic route and are becoming more educated about health, nutrition, and how natural and organic ingredients play an important role in our general well-being and upkeep.

With conventional medicine making great progress to guard us against the unforeseeable future, it’s advisable to also educate yourself in the ancient Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, good health is a multi-layered concept. It’s a genre of science that is ancient and philosophical. It focuses on the physical and mental well-being of an individual. For your general well-being, it’s better to take a balanced and integrated approach.


Ayurvedic treatments are one of the worlds oldest and most comprehensive healing systems. It believes that health and well-being need a balance between the mind, soul, and body. If a person can achieve a harmonious balance of these 3 things, they will always have good health.

The main goal of Ayurveda is to promote good health and it focuses more on the prevention of any diseases than the cure. Hence the saying – Prevention is better than cure. Ayurvedic treatments include and mainly focus on the healing powers of the plants and the herbs that are abundantly available in nature.

Incorporating plant-powered wellness in our life, as the first line of defense against common ailments of mild to moderate intensity can bring a wholesome shift in your lifestyle. It can bring enormous health benefits and guard against common diseases.


In a candid chat with Mr. Lokesh Kishan Bhojwani, an IIT Roorkee graduate and founder of Herb tantra, we asked him about how the idea of plant-powered wellness came to him, his answer could help all of us,

Herb Tantra is the result of his search for natural alternatives to reduce his mother's dependence on sleeping pills. Herb Tantra creates convenient natural remedies, which deserve a space in modern-day medicine cabinets as the first line of defence.

It can help you enhance your day-to-day wellness and can over time, under observation help decrease your dependency on pills.

The philosophy of this home-grown brand - Herb Tantra is, it believes that not all problems are small enough to ignore and suffer, nor big enough that they deserve treatments with pills that may have side effects.

We in no way denounce modern medicine; we immensely value and respect it. All we want is to avoid the abuse of modern medicine.

Plant-powered wellness recognizes the healing capacity of natural ingredients and Herb Tantra has integrated it with ingredients that are researched and backed by modern science.


Ayurvedic wisdom can help you bring balance to your mental and physical health. It can be easily integrated with your conventional medicine. It is a safe and effective remedy for everyday illnesses it can even be used for your little ones. With kids, it’s always advised to keep things are natural as possible. These treatments emphasize prevention and encourage people to take charge of their well-being. It is inexpensive and underrated, but research has shown positive results. There are several ways to incorporate a more holistic living approach and including these treatments is a major part of it. A holistic natural lifestyle focuses on creating peace, tranquillity, and clarity of mind. It promotes internal and external cleanliness and is a domain well worth trying.

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