For some of us, this year, like the one before, wasn’t easy. And while we’re still processing 2020, 2022 is only a couple of weeks away. But as always, a new year brings the possibility of a fresh start; a clean slate; a new beginning; an incredible chance to set and achieve new goals.

However, there’s one simple mistake most of us end up making around this time of the year. We leap into the future. We jump straight into the new year without considering the last 12 months: the 365 days of successes, failures, setbacks, growth, and learning. If we don’t take a pause and look backward, we may not be able to set the right goals for ourselves that will help us succeed in the coming year.

So, we reached out to Ayushi Mathur, Mindset Mentor, and Founder & CEO of Pickbetter Marketing, and asked her to share her tips on preparing better for the new year. Here are five simple steps recommended by Ayushi that will help you make the best of the last few days of 2021 and embrace an incredible new year.

1. Understand where you stand today

Before you leap into the new year with the excitement of accomplishing new goals, take a few moments to understand where you are right now. After all, it’s impossible to give someone directions without knowing where they are, isn’t it? So, take a few minutes and answer these questions:

• What is important to me?

• How has what’s important to me changed in the past year?

• How are my actions aligned with what’s important to me?

• What’s difficult about aligning my actions to what’s important to me?

• What actions can I take today to find more alignment?

2. Identify the difference between your goals and your dreams

Dreams are easy. They’re a part of who we are. Dreams come naturally to us, but by themselves they’re just that…dreams. Goals, on the other hand, are difficult. Goals are based on action. Goals are what compound to make your dreams come true. Dream big, but at the same time set small, measurable goals that help you move closer to making your dreams a reality. If your dream is to stay in the best shape of your life, your goal should be to train 3-5 times a week, every week.


3. Have a goal-setting retreat by yourself

No, don’t go away on a holiday retreat to set your goals. Though, that sounds fun! Goal-setting retreats are days or time slots you can take out to set and visualise your goals without interruptions. Goal-setting retreats work best when you’re by yourself. Block out all distractions and use this time to set measurable goals for the next year. You can use this time to set your priorities, list your personal and professional goals and plan your year in advance.

4. Train your brain to manifest in the correct way

The only way to manifest your dreams correctly is to visualise not the end goal, but the steps it will take to get there. Visualising your dreams doesn’t make them come true, it’s your actions that make your dreams a reality. You must visualise the work, the things that are difficult and not just the end goal. Allow your body to feel the emotion of pride, gratitude, and fulfillment that you are going to feel when you do the work.


5. Plan your year in advance

Begin by setting one big goal for 2022. Then break it down into quarterly and monthly goals that are S.M.A.R.T., that is, strategic, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. When we set goals without setting a timeline, it’s easy to fall off the wagon and not put in the work. After all, a goal without a timeline is just a wish!

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