What has always fascinated me about the concept of love, is the truth and pureness in its essence. And that purity of love was something I witnessed when I saw Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani‘s film Shershaah. My heart ached to see how their story ended. While it is rare to find such heartwarming stories being made these days, you should count yourself lucky for having to watch it. But in case, you are from those few who haven’t yet explored Dimple and Captain Vikram Batra‘s journey, life is giving you another chance, for, Colors Cineplex is having the film’s world premiere on Sunday, 19th December.

Let me tell you this is your chance guys to witness something magical, emotional, yet overwhelming.

On that note, check out the film’s promo here:

In case you are wondering why am I all gung-ho about Shershaah, these 5 reasons will make you agree…

1. Captain Vikram Batra’s Love For His Country

Right from the time we are in school we pledge that ‘India is my country…’, but very few of us felt it. And amongst them was Captain Vikram Batra, whose passion was to live for his nation and give his life protecting it. In this film, Sidharth has caught this feeling that Captain Batra carried quite beautifully. And it is this patriotism of the Shershaah that will leave every proud Indian overwhelmed.

2. Vikram Batra And Dimple’s Love Story

While Captain Vikram Batra’s love for the nation was oh-so-pure, his feelings for lady love Dimple were also true at its core. And he was a man of his word, who just didn’t be the amazing lover that Kiara’s character could have, but it was the chemistry between these two that is endearing to watch. The way Dimple understood and stood by Vikram and the way he looked at her will melt your heart. And the last scene of the film will leave your heart aching.

3. The Soulful Music of the film

Other than the story, Shershaah’s music is what tugs your heartstrings. While Raatan Lambiyaan puts you in a romantic mood, Ranjha will touch your heart. In fact, the lyrics of Ranjha will leave you with tears. Even Mann Bharrya 2.0 will leave you emotional especially with its visualization and lyrics, so if not for the story, for the picturization of these songs, you need to watch Shershaah.

4. The Climax

Sorry guys for giving away a major spoiler, but Captain Vikram Batra’s last rites scene leaves me in tears to date. And it will do the same for you, seeing his antim yatra, his family breakdown and most importantly Dimple’s goodbye moment to the love of her life is heart-wrenching to watch. This scene is by far one of the best climaxes I have seen in a film and it is worth witnessing, for, it’s an experience.

5. Shershaah’s Sherdili

What is truly worth witnessing in Shershaah is the very reason why the man, Captain Vikram Batra, earned this name. he was truly as fierce as a Lion when it came to protecting his country. In fact, the lionheart in him during all the wars will only earn your respect tenfold. He is truly a man worth a million praises and you will know why once you watch the film.

Well, if I have managed to convince you enough, then I am hoping you head to Colors Cineplex on your TV sets this Sunday, 19th December at 7:30 pm to witness this story that will carve a special place in your heart, as it did for me.

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