Instagram has legit been my source to know more about new and trending songs. And with creators trying to add their own twists to Reel trends, watching renditions of these songs can make it even more entertaining. A song that content creators just can’t seem to get enough of is ‘Kina Chir’ by The PropheC. This soulful song when used in a Reel can really just amp up that vibe and make it even more magical. Here are a few creator Reels on this trending number that just made it even more wholesome!

Check ‘em out…

1. Nagma Mirajkar and Awez Darbar

What I love about this Reel is that there’s a cute short story and a romantic moment perfectly capsuled with this song. Awez and Nagma’s amazing chemistry here absolutely gets enhanced with this song, making it such a beautiful Reel that I just cannot get enough of.

2. Avneet Kaur

Now that’s what you call a candid video. I love how Avneet’s moods are captured in this Reel. This video has a chill vibe and cute moments stitched together which of course when teamed together with this song makes it an amazing Reel. And like Avneet’s caption says, ‘Vibe’, this one is a total vibe, for sure!

3. Surabhi and Samriddhi

Surabhi and Samriddhi look drop-dead gorgeous in this look. I love how the lyrics of this song seem perfect for how anybody would feel after watching their Reel. Gurlstbh, I don’t think there would’ve been a better song for this one!

4. Rishabh Chawla

OMG! Rishabh Chawla’s Reel version to ‘Kina Chir‘ just made me go weak in the knees. The way he lip-syncs to this song can leave anyone, especially all these fans out there feeling serenaded. Here’s a humble request Rishabh, please do keep such Reels coming in!

5. Somya Gupta

Dayummm, Somya this Reel is an absolute winner! Like can there be a better song to go with this Reel, ’cause tbh, I can’t think of any. And if the Neal Chatha a.k.a. The Prophec would’ve watched this one, he probably would’ve agreed too.

6. Shraddha Gurung

Now here’s a Reel that’s quite different from the others on this list. Shraddha’s video has fashion tips for looks you can try out during the wedding season but… heyyy! I just have to specially pointed out to those wonderful adaayein in this Reel. You’re totes leaving me spellbound and how!

So here were a few Reels by content creators that justified the lyrics of this popular song, ‘Kina Chir’ and also, made me feel goosebumps as I watched them all. Can you really blame me if I watched these Reels on repeat, now eh? If you’re thinking of trying out a Reel on this trending audio then I hope these videos turned out to be all the inspo you needed. So get out there, try ‘em out right away. Also, on a side note, I hope everyone reading this is staying safe and have taken your vaccination shots.