Kiddan ji? It’s our OG Punjabi munda, Manav Chhabra a.k.a. @mr.mnv’s birthday and we wish him all the love, luck, and joy in the world on his special day. Needless to say, he is one amazing friend and we’ve curated a special list of all the reasons that make him that one friend you definitely need in your life to make it extra special and just ah-mazing. Scroll your way through these and think about that one friend that is the Manav of your life, hehe. Honestly, his bond with his chosen family, Damnfam is extremely beautiful and we love to see them celebrate everything together. *Thu thu*, nazar na lage!

Here we go…

1. He is a doggo dad

Starting with the basics, who doesn’t wanna be friends with a handsome boy who is also a dog dad, it’s a win-win, ain’t it? Your friendship pack includes cute cuddles, wiggles, and spins, who wouldn’t love to get some major ‘bestie vibes only’, hehe.

2. He loves his friends like family

All we can say is that he’s the Joey of the group who’s extremely fond of his chosen family, i.e. the ultimate dream team, Damnfam. We love how in this specific Reel he has mentioned Ashi Khanna to be the Tom to his Jerry, the Jethalal to his Tarak, and the Munna to his Circuit. Aren’t Ashi and Manav too cute?

3. He will turn around your bad days

Friends who work to fix your mood are honestly the numero uno in all ways and Manav is defo that pal you need on your bad days. We love how he fixed his gal pal, Aashna Hegde’s mood in a jiffy by getting her a cup of hot coffee that she loves. Isn’t he the cutest?

4. He will pose for pictures with you

Friends who pose for pictures with you are god’s sent, isn’t it? This Reel of Ashi and Manav trying to click a good picture together is honestly so relatable and fun. Happiness is being friends with people who pose for pictures with you, amirite!

5. He’s always ready to Bhangra Taan Sajda

A friend who is ever ready to get on the dance floor and burn it with his Bhangra moves is exactly what makes every event and occasion so much better. Isn’t Manav’s moves absolutely amazing? Honestly, we would love to shake a leg with him ourselves ‘cuz this seems just a lot of fun, haina!  

6. He’s always up for a good time with his boys

We’re absolutely in love with this energetic, fun, peppy, and groovy performance by Manav, Sanket Mehta, and Tanzeel Khan. Isn’t their vibe too infectious? Needless to say, he’s always up for spending some quality time with his friends and also makes some really fun Reels to entertain us.

7. He plans amazing date nights

How aww-dorable is this date night planned by our gentleman, Manav for his lady love, Unnati Malharkar! Safe to say that he’s not just a great friend but also one amazing boyfriend too, haina?

Well, these were a few of the many reasons that make Manav Chhabra that one friend you defo need in life. He is honestly just ah-mazing and we wish nothing but only good luck and happiness for him on his birthday. On a side note, we hope y’all are vaccinated and staying safe.