Ngl, Niharika NM is the 'kween' of churning out relatable and hilarious content and we absolutely love her for that. Her videos are super fun and entertaining to watch, haina? Ngl, her accent makes it even better and we can't help but keep re-watching all her videos over and over again 'cuz they're just sooo good. Honestly, we also find ourselves nodding vigorously as she points out the things that we also wanna say out loud, hehe. Now, scroll your way through her totes relatable Reels. They will defo take you on a laughter ride.

Get ready to go ROFLing...

1. A lil' perfume

We all have that one friend who is likely to finish a bottle of perfume in one go when they ask for 'some'. It's never just a lil' perfume for them, right? We absolutely love how Niharika has pointed this out in her own hilarious way and we just can't stop nodding our heads in agreement and laughing at the relatability.

2. Pick up the phone, bestie

It's the worst when our best friend doesn't pick up our call and keeps calling a new friend she just made as her 'bestie'. We completely agree with Niharika here, why do our friends want someone who is exactly like us when they already have us, right? Next time, your friends don't pick up your call, just send this video to them, hehe.

3. Vroom Vroom sound effects

Omg, how accurate is this! Even though some 'studs' think it's cool to make the 'vroom vroom' sounds while driving, it's extremely annoying and we just want to strangle them for doing that just like Niharika in this Reel. They might think that they're showing off but honestly, it's just irritating, haina!

4. Better tomorrow?

'Tomorrow will be a better day', is the biggest lie ever especially when it's 'tomorrow's tomorrow', haha. We all are given this motivation on our bad days and Niharika here has rightly pointed out to stop saying this 'cuz it ain't helping. We got good days, bad days, fun days, lazy days and somehow we just gotta go through them all.

5. Stay calm, stay cool...

Haha, love the way Niharika has executed this one. It's so ironic that the ones who ask us to keep calm are the ones who themselves need to listen to their own advice. This Reel makes us want to see the outtakes of all the spiritual speakers when they're having a bad day, hehe.

6. Like a pressure cooker

Isn't it the worst when you're driving and the person sitting next to you keeps making sound effects and startling you? It's so distracting and can also be dangerous sometimes. Love the way Niharika addresses such peeps as pressure cookers, haha.

Aren't these Reels by Nikarika just so relatable yet hilarious? Honestly, we love her for being so damn accurate every time. On that note, we hope you are vaccinated and staying safe.