Honestly, Instagram has become such a huge platform that even the people who used to walk away from it, now cannot resist it, amirite? Moreover, the Reels feature has got everyone hooked on Instagram exploring their talents day and night. Creators go all out when it comes to Reels but lately, we have been addicted to dance Reels. One of our fave creators who is slaying it on Reels with her thumkas and Bolly-tadka is the bubbly, Sameeksha Sud. Yes, that’s right we have been loving her dance moves and we just can’t seem to get enough of her. Here are a few Reels by Sameeksha that are making us scream “entertainment…entertainment and entertainment” out loud.  

Are you ready to get entertained?

1. Matargashti

This is one song whose beats get you instantly groovin‘, right? If you haven’t noticed it then let us tell you that this Reel by Sameeksha is an overload of cuteness. Can you blame us if we watch this and say ‘awww’ every time!

2. Chaka Chak

We have seen Sameeksha collaborate with Mohak not once but a number of times and this duo is nothing less than a super hit Bollywood couple. In 2 words we can say that this Reel is absolutely ‘Chaka Chak’, hehe.

3. It’s the time to disco…

This Reel is our absolute fave and you probably will agree to the fact that Sameeka here looks just like Preity Zinta. If this Reel doesn’t get you in ‘Bolly-Mood’ already then we don’t know what will? We are all pumped up to do, ‘it’s the time to disco’ right away as well.

4. Paani Paani

Can we just take a second to appreciate how Sameeksha set our Instagram on fire with this transition Reel? Her dance moves are so smooth and graceful that we can’t help but fall in love with her. Can y’all really blame us now, c’mon!

5. One with the squad

This insanely talented dancer is also a part of the famous squad ‘Teen Tigada’ so how could we miss out on adding the one with the squad. Let’s talk about how cute Sameeksha’s expressions are here. She totally reminded us of the ‘kween‘ of expressions, Madhuri Dixit, haina?

6. Bijlee Bijlee

Sameeksha Sud is nothing less than a Cinderella and in this Reel, she legit brings almost every girl’s dream of becoming a Cinderella, true. Well, that generous sprinkle of energy, thumkas, and transitions are totally bringing this Reel to life, amirite?

So these were a few of the dance Reels by Sameeksha Sud that got us all pumped up in ‘Bolly-Mood’. It surely has convinced us to create a Reel right away. If you’re looking for some dance inspo, these Reels are here to do exactly that. Tbh, I can’t wait to watch Sameksha upload more dance Reels. Until then, stay safe and do get yourselves vaccinated.