Do You Want to Know How The Universe Works?

Do You Want to Know How The Universe Works?

Barkha Chawla

To know how the universe works, we need to first know the language that the universe speaks. The universe does not speak the language of earth. It understands feelings, emotions, vibrations, and affirmations.

Affirmations help you change your mindset and your thinking. It is a self-help tool that guides you towards bigger and better things. Like other strategies, they cannot offer instant relief, success, or healing. The quantifiable methods work on how you use them.

Here As How You Can Affirm-

Feel it when you say it. Don’t say it just for the heck of it; it won’t work even if you say it a thousand times over. Feel every word and the result when you say your affirmations.

Set them in present

The difference between goals and affirmations is, goals are set for the future. Whereas, affirmations should be set in the present and should work as a bridge between your present and future. It should show you the path you need to walk on today, to reach your goal tomorrow.

Avoid empty affirmations

Maybe your career is not picking up the way you’d want it to or your personal life is not very stable. You would want to do anything to get out of these situations in your life. But, when you are feeling low and negative thoughts seem to be glooming over, try to remind yourself of things you appreciate in your life.


How You Can Construct Your Affirmations-

Keep it real:

if your goal is weight loss, don’t set it as I need to lose 40kgs over the next 2 months. That will do more harm for your body than good. Set realistic affirmations, I will lose 10kgs over a period of 3 months and my body will feel better from inside out.

Keep it neutral:

If you want to affirm on getting a bigger paycheck, keep it on the lines of, I have a wonderful boss and co-workers, I love the job that I am doing, my salary is good enough to cover all my expenses, and savings.


How You Can Start Your Affirmation Journey-

- Practice affirmations every day, start with 3-5mins and build from there.

- Repeat each affirmation a couple of times.

- Make affirmations a part of your routine, set a time aside to say them.

- Be patient, affirmations are not magic pills that can help you overnight.

- Believe in what affirmations you are saying.

10 Affirmations That Will Help You Get Started:

1. I am enough, just the way I am.

2. I am successful and powerful.

3. I am getting better with each passing day.

4. I am an unstoppable force of nature.

5. I am strong and confident.

6. I am in harmony with all my close relationships.

7. I am living with abundance.

8. Today is going to be phenomenal.

9. I am independent and self-reliant

10. I deserve to forgive and be forgiven.


Happiness is a choice and you get to choose it every day. So use this tool and unleash the power of the universe and use it to maximize your benefit.

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