Isn’t a sibling bond the most priceless and precious one out there? Having a sibling means that you have a constant person in your life who’s going to be there with you no matter what happens. Siblings stick to each other like the ‘majboot fevicol ka jod’ even when they might be fighting otherwise. One such beautiful duo we know of, is the gorgeous Kritika Khurana and Deeksha Khurana, a.k.a. #BohoSisters. Ngl, we can feel their bond through our screens and we absolutely love to see them conquer the world together. On that note, here are some Reels by the gorgeous pair that we absolutely adore.

Here they are…

1. When the sunshine, we shine together

This Reel is proof that they both hold an extremely important position in each other’s life and nothing can change that. After all, as the lyrics of the song says, they’ve taken an oath to stick to each other and shine together. Tbh, we absolutely love how they have made our lives brighter as well with their beautiful bond.

Ngl, these sisters slay trends like no other. They absolutely nail each trend they try and we love to see that. Just like in this one, they don’t only bless our feeds with their ‘lewks’ but also nail the transitions in the best way possible.  

3. Dancing their hearts out

Sisters that dance together, slay together, right? We love how they don’t miss out on any chance to shake a leg and dance their hearts out, sometimes even till their feet hurt. Tbh, it’s a visual treat to watch them be themselves and enjoy every moment.

4. She’ll always be my person

Let’s all just be honest here, we all need that one person in our lives that we can rely on. We love how these two have found their person in each other. Also, doesn’t this video just scream #SiblingGoals? Brb, busy crying happy tears!

5. Being ‘aww-dorable’ goofballs

Honestly, we love how they always support each other and never lose out on being totes goofballs with one another. This Reel is one such example of them just being straight-up goofy, don’t you think they’re too cute and adorable?  

6. When you smile for me the world seems alright

‘Saari dunya ek taraf hai aur ek taraf hai the Boho sisters’, hehe. Ngl, his Reel has our heart! This Reel was from Dee’s birthday bash this year and can we just take a moment to appreciate the affection they have for each other. ‘Thu thu, nazar na lage inhe’.

Don’t you think these Reels are just proof of how magical and special their bond is? Also, we don’t think any amount of Reels would ever be able to justify their bond, it’s incredible and we wish nothing but just the best for them. That being said, we hope you are getting yourself vaccinated and taking the necessary precautions to combat Covid-19.