Let’s face it, winter looks are mainly composed of coats and boots. As the season changes a desire for a new and fresh wardrobe arises and it all starts with a winter-boot upgrade. I’m certainly guilty of this! Each fall and winter season, it appears that we all become positively excited at the chance to rock our best boots, both old and new styles. I’m here to show you all the boots that are an absolute must-have this year to elevate your style quotient!

Let’s have a look, shall we?

1. Platform Boots

Feel like your outfit is missing something? Platform boots will fix that conundrum as they allow you to add some structure and a chic vibe to your outfit. For all you short queens, these boots are a great way to add a couple of inches while still being comfy. A cute sundress with a jacket or a cardigan and chunky boots is one way to spruce up your look for a brunch with the ladies or a cute picnic date.

2. Printed boots

If you’re confused about how to make a statement at your holiday parties, printed boots are the way to go! No matter how minimal your outfit is, a pair of printed boots will certainly up the glam quotient of your look. You could also always go all out and mix and match prints, which guaranteed, will make heads turn. These boots can add that pop of colour to your outfit, giving it a fun and vibrant look.

3. Wedge Boots

This love child of boots and wedges have been generating quite the buzz in the fashion department. It’s the perfect balance between both styles. If you miss your heels this winter season, this amalgamation is how you incorporate them into your look. The trick here is to go for a pointy-toed pair, which in turn gives your outfit a sleek and modern look. For that “off-duty model” vibe, these boots are a must!

4. Flat Boots

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that comfort is key. While I’m sure a pair of exemplary heels are much appreciated, they can get quite painful if you’re planning to wear them for a long time. Flat boots on the other hand are very comfortable and super stylish. This versatile pair can be worn with any outfit making it uber-cool instantly. Clearly, this one falls under the wardrobe staples category and I can’t wait to add this into mine!

5. Combat Boots

Combat boots might sound masculine but dressing them up is extremely easy. You could go for an all-black look with black denim and a dainty top or you can style them with a wrap-around dress. Either way, these boots get the job done when it comes to fashion and comfort. They fit snug with all the laces, zippers and buckles which is amazing because being snug is a huge mood for the cold weather!

6. Structured Knee-High Boots

This new take on knee-high boots is all the rage this season. At first glance, you’d wonder how to style this. I know I sure did, but not to worry I’ve cracked the code for you. Just throw on a shirt dress and a blazer with these boots and you’re ready to take on the town with a snazzy fit. This look is sure to get you many “I love your boots, where did you get them?” and let’s be honest that’s quite flattering to hear!

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