Social media can make anyone with talent go viral, amirite? Whether a tweet, Reel, or even a post for that matter. Similarly, the oh-so-amazing Dutch singer, Emma Heesters has caught our attention, and how! She had an early talent for singing under the supervision of her mom. Someone rightly said, “Those who wish to sing always find a song”. Later on, she started making music covers for her YouTube channel and has amazed us and over 48.9 million viewers out there with her voice. She has taken over Instagram with her Bollywood translations and English remixes on these songs’ audio. So, all the singing fans in the house scroll down as you all would defo enjoy this one to its maxxxx cause it has blown our minds away for sure.

Let’s get you ‘Karaoke-ing‘!

1. Bijlee

This was the Reel that got her viral on the ‘gram and we love how melodious her voice is. She tried a Punjabi song as a challenge for herself and it totally turned out way more than amazing as you can see. The vibe of this Reel is also so positive and happy that it defo made us shrug our shoulders and groove along.

2. Nadiyon Paar

Woah, what we witnessed here is mind-blowing! Here she collaborated with Aish and the outcome is just amazing. Aish took up singing the Hindi verse of the all-time famous song ‘Nadiyon Paar‘ while Emma created her own lyric on the beats of the song. If this doesn’t get you excited to see more of her Reels, then we don’t know what will?

3. Tu Aake Dekhle

Here she sang for the first time on a Bollywood number and her soothing voice is just keeping us hooked to her feed. We love that she keeps trying different genres of music to broaden her horizon. And it defo doesn’t feel like she’s singing for the first time in Hindi ‘cause it was bang-on.

4. Ranjha

OMG, we’ve watched this Reel over a number of times now and still can’t get over it. We loved how she’s synced everyone’s newly fave song ‘Ranjha‘ with her own lyrics. The lyric of her song is all about people who are in love so, don’t forget to check it out.

5. Shayad

We have to say, every lyric composition of her song is super thoughtful and meaningful and it clearly shows her passion for creating music. This was her first-ever Bollywood translation song and it just gave us goosebumps. If Arjit Singh had to be accompanied by a female singer for this song, she would have defo made an amazing fit.

6. Love Nwantiti

When this song trended back in the days, she too like others jumped on the trend and sang her version of the song. We love how she’s unstoppable with her music and the only thing better than singing is more singing, amirite? Also, wait for the last few seconds of this Reel and you will surely fall in love with her songs.

7. Manike Mage Hithe

Damn, everything in this Reel is just perfect including her tempo, pitch, and the whole vibe. Just imagine dancing on the hook steps of this song with her version of the song, wouldn’t that be super cool and LIT?

Woohoo, we’ve come to an end here but we’re eagerly waiting for her to release more of her music videos ‘cause it totally keeps us to the edge of our seats. She is totally a powerhouse of talent and how! Until then, stay safe and get yourself vaccinated.