I’ve been a Bhuvan Bam admirer ever since the 27-year-old YouTuber started creating content on the platform. With each video, Bhuvan started getting better and similar was the case with his engaging content. Fast forward to 2021, when news started doing rounds that Bam was launching his web show, I was super excited because, over the years, I’ve got attached to his characters which Bhuvan plays to perfection and I was curious to see how he was planning to weave all this together in a series.

Now, I can proudly say that I have finished watching the 8 episode series on BB’s channel and without a doubt, Bhuvan showcases some impressive acting chops. But, guess what that’s not what only makes Dhindora, a must watch, keep reading!

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Bhuvan Bam, The Man With Many Avatars

We’ve seen actors in the Hindi cinema play double or, at times, triple roles but for a 27-year-old to don so many characters in a show and make them believable is mind-blowing. For someone who has been a cinema lover, I’ve researched a lot on the amount of hard work an actor puts in when double roles are a part of the script, but to watch Bhuvan play so many characters with so much ease just showcases his talent range. Right from the first episode to the very end, each character is so different from each other and Bhuvan showcases each one of them with utmost perfection. Not once, while watching the show, you believe that this is Bhuvan donning so many hats. That’s the kind of expertise he brings to the table. There are a number of scenes where the characters interact and not once your mind is reminded that all these are the same person. Such is the understanding of the craft that Bam lends to Dhindora‘s narrative.  

The Story Of Every Household

Besides the man himself, what keeps you hooked to your seat is the narrative. It is one of the simplest tales that the makers have decided to bring to your screen in the most interesting way. There is love, humour, satire and whatnot, and each time it only tends to grow on the viewer. Each episode keeps you hooked on and you want to know where it ties back to, such is the brilliant writing of  Bhuvan himself, Abbas Dalla and Hussain Dalal.

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The Magic Of Effects

It is one thing to have a talent like Bhuvan on board to essay so many roles and it is another to make sure these in no way overlap on-screen or make it look like an over-ambitious project. The makers of Dhindora have made sure that in no way will the audience ever be able to figure out how did they manage to shoot it without a single mistake. One of my favourite scenes is when you meet all the characters n the hospital. It is done with so much finesse that it perfectly looks like a single take.  

All in all, Dhindora is a must-watch for all those who have been following Bhuvan and for others too to witness the talent house Bam is. The show has received 9.7 rating on IMDb and it truly justifies it. I’d like to give this one a 4 on 5 and I’m hoping to see yet another brilliant pouting from Bam super soon.