One highlight of Bigg Boss 15 has been Rakhi Sawant introducing her husband Ritesh Singh to the world. And while the couple had a bumpy ride on the show, the friction in their relationship left many talking. Sadly, Ritesh has been evicted from the show last week and I caught up with him for a conversation where he revealed how much he loves Rakhi and what is the future of their marriage.

Read what Ritesh has to say here:

Now that you are out of the Bigg Boss 15 house, how does it feel?

I feel bad to be out of the house. I will miss a lot of people, I feel I was doing well. I know because of my and Rakhi’s fights there was a negative impact. But that was my game plan and I thought people would understand, somehow it got negative and that is why I came out.

What is the feedback you are receiving for the show?

The feedback has been negative because of the rumors my ex-wife has spread. But people who know me have given me a positive feedback. So it’s a mixed reaction. I will clear this rumor soon.

Considering Rakhi is the queen of entertainment, was there a pressure to match up to her level?

I was under pressure to cope up with everyone on that show, not just Rakhi. Everybody has a fan following there, I am not even active on Facebook or Instagram. I went in as an ordinary person and was prepared to get evicted soon. I never planned to match up to Rakhi’s level and also, my strategy backfired.

This was the first time after marriage that you were living with Rakhi Sawant, how was the experience of being in a house with so many cameras?

It was a different experience, Rakhi and I have been speaking for 2 years as friends and as a couple we didn’t get the privacy. There was no comfort zone because there were cameras all around. But there was a communication gap between us due to which we couldn’t understand a lot of things I did.

With all the fights you had with Rakhi on the show, the world has been wanting to know, what is the future of your marriage with Rakhi?

Rakhi was god sent in my life. She held my hand at a time when I was on the verge of dying or destroying myself. She supported me when the world went blank for me. I am the only son in my house, if I broke the family would get devastated. I come from a very ordinary family. My ex-wife had destroyed my personal life to an extent that I had nothing to live for. Rakhi became an angel for me at that time, so I can never pay her debt. No one has a bigger heart than her. Till the day I die, Rakhi Sawant will be my wife.

How do you plan to make up with Rakhi once she is out of the show?

Rakhi and I have had a lot of fights in the past, we live like friends. We do have our ups and downs, but at the end of the day, we cannot live without each other. I have never seen a girl like Rakhi in my life, she forgives everyone and hopefully she will forgive me too. She will understand that it was my game plan, but it was my mistake to not tell her.

What’s the plan ahead? Will we still see you in the limelight?

I always wanted to join the entertainment business, it’s a great industry. Also, I need to support Rakhi so you will see me in the limelight.

Well, I hope things get better for both Rakhi and Ritesh from here on.