That one time of the year when none of us holds back from going all out on the glamour quotient. I mean, am I the only one who starts planning her outfit, makeup look and hairdo for new years eve months in advance? Well by now, I’m certain you’ve got your dazzling outfit, your accessories and your footwear all in place. Only one thing remains, and that is your beauty persona for the night. Unpopular opinion, but trying to make a decision on the kind of makeup you’re going to be sporting at your NYE bash is tougher than figuring out your outfit!

Should you go full glam? Or should you go with berry hues? Thinking about adding some sparkles to the mix? Or does keeping the makeup minimal sound like a good idea? Ugh, if only we could do it all! However, we’ve spent enough time on the Internet scouring for some much-needed beauty inspiration. Here are a few looks, right from our saved folder to yours. —

Classic Smokey Eye

Nothing could ever go wrong with a good ol’ smokey eye, no? It’s one of the simplest yet most alluring looks ever. An intense smokey eye is something that’s definitely going to match each and every one of your chic outfits. Pair it with a nude lippie to balance things out, and you’re set!

Barbie Doll

Hey, don’t blame us! 2021 has seen a resurgence in the love for all things pink. Usually, we keep the pink away in party season, but this stunning look on Adriana Lima should be your reason not to. Keeping the eyes muted with a light brown, the limelight is entirely on the dramatic pink blush and pink lips. We LOVE!

90s Supermodel Vibe

We’ve seen a barrage of beauty trends this past year that made a raging comeback from the 90s’. NGL, this one has a special place in our saved folder because of how classy and sexy it looks at the same time. A matte brown cut crease paired with an elongated cat eye helps keep all the drama up in your eyes. Outline your lips with a dark lip liner and fill them in with a light brown shade. Voila! Everyone’s defo going to be turning heads to catch a glimpse of the new supermodel in town.

A Graphic Moment

Graphic eyeliner is here to stay, fo sure. It just opens up the gateway to let you explore your creativity, don’t you think? As much as we love our classic wings, it’s always so much fun to see all that we’re capable of. It adds quite a playful touch to the entire makeup look in question. Did we mention that not all styles are tough to master? This one can be achieved by first beginning with a dramatically winged eyeliner that’s also winged from the inner corners. Add a floating line to the mix and you’ve aced it!

Red Lip Classic Thing

Taylor Swift knew what she was doing when she penned this lyric down because nothing says classic like a red lip does. A hue that’s made especially for the party season, it’d be a shame if your red lipsticks didn’t see the light of day during NYE! This colour is so versatile that it practically goes with every look you sashay. However, personally, I enjoy keeping the rest of my makeup minimal when I have a red lip on.

Did Someone Say Dewy Darlings?

We’ve all bid adieu to our heavy-coverage foundations this year, I know I have. Dewy and radiant skin is all the rage because nothing promises you a blinding glow like this does. Opt for illuminating face products that impart a minimal glow when applied. Take the gleam up a notch and add a gold highlighter to the mix. That glow’s gonna be spotted from a mile away!

A Dash Of Glitter

Okay, but would it even be an NYE celebration if there was no glitter involved? We think not! Some of us love having our sparkle on through the night and glitter eyeshadow is just the right companion for that. All you need to do is pick a shade of glitter that seamlessly blends with your existing eyeshadow, and your eyes are defo gonna be the talk of the town!

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