This year was filled with all things exciting and interesting. From getting to know the new and upcoming content creators to the new features of the 'gram to jumping on the viral trends all of it has just raised our entertainment level, amirite or amirite? Hence, here we are giving you a recap of all the fun and quirky trends of 2021 so that you can go back in time and cherish your 'Reel-ing' days. So, whatcha waiting for? Scroll down 'cause it's a long list!

Ready? Set! Jump.

1. Vroom Vroom

OMG, who all remember this viral trend? No doubt, Mrunal, Nagma, and Anam are trendsetters who made us groove along. This fusion mix of them surely inspired a lot more creators to jump on this trend back then.  

2. Don't Fall Challenge

This trend was all about creating relatable yet honest confessions. Here you initially act as if you're falling down due to a difficult situation and once the beat drops the response is a positive spin to the situation. The DIY  'Kween' of fashion, Komal Pandey's situation was so apt in this Reel, hehe!

3. Runway Aurora

Can we ever forget this trend or rather the audio of it? This trend still gives us a very vintage vibe. This trend kept us hooked till the very end solely 'cause of the creator's creative pose. Ashi used a rose as her prop and she totally took us to a dreamy world with her clicks!

4. I Don't Believe In Soulmates...

Oh yes, this trend has to be one of our faves 'cause it's all about falling and being in love, right? Since this trend was making rounds on the 'gram, we thought of curating our own version and making it a lil' different from usual. Hence we took the members of DamnFamn and added @jananisings' beautiful voice over it.

5. Sky is falling down x Dilliwali Girlfriend

If you didn't know let us tell you that this trend was started by the super talented, Nagma Mirajkar herself. This trend coincidentally matched with 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani' completing 8 years and it was all over the 'gram. Many creators made transition Reels on the same audio from casual to Indian outfits.

6. Jalebi Baby

This trend reminds me of the 'It's tricky' viral trend, don't you agree? This challenge was supposed to be played by 2 or more people where there would be two options on the screen and every individual had to just choose any one of the options. It looks like Nagma and Anam have different choices here, haha. Also, this audio has and will be everyone's favourite forever!

7. Don't Talk To Me

In this trend, all that was needed were some relatable situations, a few hand gestures with a pinch of lip-syncing haha. The accuracy level of this Reel is beyond imaginable. So, don't talk and watch this Reel asap!

8. One, Two, Three....

This cutesy trend had and will always have our heart only 'cause it seizes the moment, iykyk! This trend keeps us hooked till the countdown does not end, to see what's coming our way just like this Reel by Sameeksha & Vishal, amirite? So three, two, one, scroll down to see more hahaha.

9. Meet My Squad

This one had become such a famous trend that till date we've not forgotten about it. This Reel was made by all the peeps with squads just like DamnFam's. In this trend, all that was needed was to show a picture of the member from your squad and show the viewers a quirky fact about them. Here Tanzeel gave an alternative career for each of his friends, how cool right?

10. You Can Do It

This trend is such a positive one! It starts with you expressing your year of birth to your name and then, boom your childhood pictures compared to you currently just like how Mr.Faisu has done it. The latter bit is what kept us on the edge of our seats every time we watched this trend. To sum up, it shows a journey of a person under 30 seconds. (back then ofc)

11. Shoulder Baby

This trend is honestly not that old yet in real life it really gets us doing the same shoulder shrug at times, hahha. Here a situation needs to be created which relates to the audience after which the screen cuts to the shoulder baby doing the shoulder shrug. Wait, more than the trend the baby has our heart, hehe. Kritika talks about how her fiance not being on social media and it's such an adorable one.

12. Mama Said

This trend is all about breaking stereotypes. It has honestly created a new perspective for all of us to see that everything is not black and white. Here Unnati shows how it's cool to wear sneakers below dresses. Similarly, a lot of other creators had different topics to talk about through this Reel.

13. Jugnu

This dance trend has been going on for the longest and we're still not over it. Every time we meet our friends and talk about jumping on Instagram trends, this is the first dance routine that comes to our mind 'cause of how catchy the hook steps are. Even if you wake us up at night we'll be able to perform 'em steps. Aadil Khan danced along with Daisy Shah and we loved how the entire Reel has turned out.

14. iPhone Wallpaper

Okay so here we're all kinda psyching one and another. You have to stay static until the beat drops and that's what keeps the audience engaged to watch the Reel even more. Also, a lot of the viewers sometimes get confused as to if it's a video or a picture, hehhe. Jannat Zubair has made sure that no one knows if it's a video or actually a picture, nailed it!

15. Picture Of Yourself

Last but not the least, this ongoing trend is all about showing a picture of yourself from 2018 to 2021. If this trend doesn't take you back in time then we don't know what would. It talks about how as a person have you grown and changed over the past few years one picture at a time. Pretty amazing, right?

Yayy, so this was a short recap of some of our fave trends that we jumped on in 2021 and we can't wait for all the new trends that we'd jump on in 2022. Hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year at the same time please don't forget to wear your masks while taking all the necessary precautions.