December is all about decorative lights, reindeers, Santa Claus, pine trees, gifts and delicious food. And a cold night calls for popping the corn and a movie binge. After all the festivities, take the nigh off, cozy up and put on your favorite holiday movie and enjoy! We bring to you our 5 favorite movies for the holiday season that you will absolutely love:

1) Home Alone

Home Alone is an all-time favourite. The plot revolves around how his family desperately tries to get back to America as burglars break into the child’s house. The escape and the craziness get the film going and it tickles your funny bone. The drama, the suspense and the laughs will make it an eventful night.

2) Jingle Jangle- A Christmas Journey

This movie is a far cry from the cliché Christmas narrative. Jingle Jangle is all about the magic and is a planned family production. The movie is an absolute riot and one you should not miss.

3) Love Hard

Starring Nina Dobrev, this movie is the perfect Christmas romantic comedy. This movie is a breath of fresh air as it showcases the perfect online dating love story scenario. The exciting series of events leading up to the meeting and the big love story make it one hell of a watch.

4) Holidate

Holidate is about two strangers who are fed up with being single on the holidays. The leading up love story makes the chase interesting, they start out as platonic plus ones and end up developing romantic feelings which makes it a fun story.

5) The Grinch

The Grinch is the spoilt sport that ruins the festive cheer and spoils the festival of Christmas. The green creature goes around town as a cynical grump on a mission after he gets increasingly annoyed with the constant happiness, excitement and growing festive cheer.

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