The names, Komal Pandey and Siddharth Batra aren't something new to the fashion world, isn't it? Anyone that is even remotely related to or is interested in fashion is aware of who these two fab creators are. The duo is known for breaking stereotypical fashion statements and honestly speaking, we love it all! They together have a very strong stance when it comes to creativity. The way they use their content to express themselves and channel their feelings through their looks is beyond amazing and we just can't get enough of it. Here are some of their videos that got us screaming #CoupleGoals. So, scroll down immediately.

Let's take a walk down the fashion lane...

1. Nailing 'em transitions together

Honestly, we love how #SidKom makes their transitions look so easy and seamless. Ngl, this Reel totally gave us some major royal vibes and we just couldn't stop but watch it on loop. Applying a virtual 'kaala tikka' to these love birds.

2. Playing dress-up

Wait a minute, we just need a moment to process this one. We just lost a count of the number of outfits that are there in this Reel. They've looked so damn stunning in every outfit worn here, don't they? Also, everything about this Reel just screams 'Power Couple'.

3. #SidKom style of the Shaadi szn

Want tips for this shaadi season? Well then, you exactly know where to go! Both their pages are truly a one-stop destination for everything related to fashion for men and women respectively. Honestly, this one Reel itself is enough to get you through the wedding szn this year. Brb, we're busy taking notes, hehe.

4. 'The Bond Aesthetic'

Do we even need to say anything here? We mean just go have a look at this Reel 'cause it's our personal favorite of the two. We can't get over how versatile they are with their fashion choices. Be it Indian outfits or in this case, as they said 'The Bond Aesthetic', these two always find a way to stand out with their 'lewks'!

5. Who says workwear has to be boring?

Whoever said workwear is boring, please have a look at these two! Making heads turn with their 'oh-so-stylish' 'fits has become an everyday thing for this duo. Not to mention, Siddharth pulling off the double-tie attire like it's no big deal is just so aamzzinggg. Seriously, could they ever go wrong?

6. Rocking in 'em classics and how!

By now we're pretty sure about one thing, give these two any piece of clothing and they'll find 10 different ways to not just style it but SLAY it! Komal and Sid, how do you guys manage to keep us hooked to your feed, we need to know?

All we can say is Komal Pandey and Siddharth Batra make fashion, as well as love, look so beautiful. We absolutely adore them together and can't wait to see them take on the world with their fashion game. On a side note, we hope you have got yourself vaccinated and are staying safe.