Snazzy Hairstyles You Can Sport For Christmas This Year

Snazzy Hairstyles You Can Sport For Christmas This Year

Sakshi Rawte

Christmas is almost knocking at our doors and we CANNOT keep calm. We’ve got our trees all decked up with only the most sparkling decor, we have Mariah Carey on repeat for a month and we’ve got our outfits all set too. Something seems amiss though, right? Have you given any thought to your hairstyle this Christmas? We just knew you hadn’t!

The spirit of Christmas has gotten us so excited, we spent all month saving some of the chicest hairdos we spotted on the gram. Ditch your usual curls or plain old straight hair and go for something dazzling this Christmas. Here are a few hairdos that we can’t wait to try out. Surprise: These are some versatile hairstyles that you can sport anywhere—whether it’s your office party, a cutesy date or even a full-blown Christmas bash.

Voluminous Ponytail

A quick and easy way to add some volume to your ponytail, this hairstyle also brings along a fun feeling to your usual pony. If you’re in the mood for some drama, add a huge scrunchie to the mix (green or red, DUH!)

Bubblin’ Pot Of Joy

Yep, the infamous bubble braids seem to have found a way back into our lives yet again. These braids practically scream Christmas with how quirky they look. A few bedazzled bands would be the perfect addition to make those braids a tad bit merrier.

A Cute Scarf Moment

Scarves are the *perfect* hair accessories. You must be wondering why. Well, they’re so easily available and make the drabbest hairstyle look uber-cute. Intertwining a green or red scarf in your braid is the final touch your Christmas outfit needs.

Sleek Ponytail with Bangs

It ain’t a party unless you’re making a smashing statement, right? Well, nothing says statement like a sleeked back ponytail with your bangs swept to the side. A little glitz could be added with a rhinestone hair accessory too!

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