With Christmas tomorrow and the New Year just around the corner, I am completely in the festive spirit just like everyone else. I am waiting to welcome 2022 with a renewed energy and bid adieu to 2021, thanking it for all the learnings and experiences that I garnered through the year. But what I really admire is how Shruti Haasan has brought in the holiday spirit this year as she has organized a ‘Charity Closet Sale’ with sale partner Dolce Vee, which will have dress pieces and jewelry from her wardrobe and is also open to the public who wants to donate their well-maintained clothes and accessories. A doorstep pickup will be arranged for them, wherever they are across India.

The actress has always been associated with different charities and this time the proceeds of this initiative would go to Bal Asha Trust, and will help the kids associated with it. Usually, the actress doesn’t talk about her goodwill, but this time she felt she needed to speak about it.

Shruti says:

“My clothing is so special to me, as it is for many people. It has so many stories, memories and good energy. And that is what the festive spirit is all about, sharing that good energy with each other. It’s something we can all do. And it’s also about sustainable fashion and by this initiative, you get to repurpose your own clothes, or share the love with others, while it is being used for a good cause. And that’s truly the spirit of giving.”

The actress accepts that her experience in the last two years amidst the pandemic has humbled her, and more than being fearful of this time, she has focused her energy on analyzing the learnings she has had during this while. She even saw a case of Covid in her own family as her father, Kamal Haasan, caught the virus this year. He is all okay now but the fragility of the situation is something that has always been in notice of her.

She adds:

“Whether it’s a high profile man, like my dad, getting COVID, or not a high profile man, either way it is still very scary. There is a bit of a relief since the vaccination, for sure, but it still is uncomfortable and scary. By the grace of God, dad is okay and perfectly healthy. But a lot of people didn’t make it. I think it’s important to understand that we have to have empathy and understand the fragility of emotions at a time like this and continue to be careful and vigilant, but not negative.”

Getting back to her charity initiative, Shruti informs that all her clothes are in wonderful condition and they have wonderful memories associated with them. Repacking them actually took her down memory lane.

Shruti reveals:

“There is a beautiful white lace top among those donated pieces, which is one of my favorites. I bought that in London, and I remember thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s so beautiful;, when I first saw it. I don’t believe in super expensive brand clothes as that’s just never been my style. I love high fashion much more. Even my handbags are so few in numbers that I can count all of them on my one hand. I still use the first Burberry handbag I bought. But I remember looking at this top and buying it since I found it so beautiful. But I can never wear white. So, now I just want someone to have this top who loves white as much as I do.”

Even though these pieces have such vivid memories associated with them, Shruti didn’t find it difficult to part with them.

She shares:

“I had to ask myself the question, why are you attached to this? Why can’t you share this lovely memory with somebody else? And it wasn’t that hard after that. Actually, it hasn’t been that hard in a long time, especially since I was alone in the lockdown. My sense of attachment is very different today. It makes me value things.”

Shruti has made the festive season really happy for a lot of people with her initiative, but ask her about her plans for Christmas and New Year, and she doesn’t have one. She says that she is now entering 2022 as much more thoughtful and with a lot of positive energy, and even though things might look better, she wants to maintain utmost safety and care. This is what I admire about the actress, as instead of just making the festive season jolly for herself, she chose to take it forward to others as well, and that’s what sets her apart.