How To Get Your House To Smell Like Christmas

How To Get Your House To Smell Like Christmas

Nelly Wadia

There are many things about Christmas and New Year that uplift our spirits. But one such thing is how my house smells during this time. The waft of Christmas sweets fills the air as I stay huddled up in my quilt. Cinnamon and orange come through when the mulled wine hits the stove. It's a holly jolly time because there's great food, drink, family and presents above all. But what happens if you don't celebrate Christmas but want to experience the nostalgia or just enjoy the scent of cost smells wafting through your house. Well, there is an easy way to accomplish that, scroll on for more!

Here's how you too can get your house to smell like Christmas:

1) Essential Oils

This is a fool-proof way to get your home to smell amazing through the year. Just invest in tiny bottles of essential oil and add a couple of drops to the insides of your toilet roll. You can also add a couple of drops on 2-3 cotton balls and add them in your trash basket under your trash bag, this way your crash can doesn't smell like trash. You can also add a drop or two to your wrapped gifts under the tree, a great way to make people feel special while opening their presents. Add them to your diffusers if you want to make a larger space smell better. You can even deodorise your carpets with an essential oil and baking soda mix which you leave on your rug for 15 mins and then vacuum off. Quick and easy no?  


2) Candles

Once you've procured essential oils you can even make candles at home if you enjoy a good DIY. And if not, you can always buy ready-made candles online or in-store. Candles also add that cosy factor to your room's decor once it's nighttime. Light a bunch of them all at once and see how magical your home ends up looking.


3) Toilet Rim Blocks

Your toilet can be a tricky one so the best thing you can do is get a cleaner block that you can add in your flush else a rim block that sits along the side of your commode. These are scented so with each flush it cleans your pot and also releases a gentle scent.


4) Air Fresheners

Get them in block form, gel form, air packet form or just a spray. Normally I like to add the block in my washroom and an air packet because it also fills the air in your bedroom if you have an attached toilet. I tend to find the sprays quite overpowering but they work best when you have to combat nasty smells or strong food odours.


5) Pot Pourri

This item doubles up as the perfect decor item as well. Dried flowers in a decorative bowl or vase with flowers also look really wonderful and add to the scent of a home.

6) Simmer Pot

A simmer pot is an easy way to naturally scent your home. They're also known as stovetop potpourris. And all you need is a nice large handi also known as a crockpot, add in boiling water and throw in ingredients to simmer for a couple of hours. You can do this before your guests arrive or even on a day when you just want a warm, autumn scent wafting through your home.

Some ingredients you can add are lemon slices, sprigs of rosemary, vanilla, whole spices of your choice. Alternatively, you could add orange slices, cinnamon sticks, cloves and cranberries too.

Cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, coffee, maple, orange, nutmeg, pine tree, amber, apple, peppermint, star anise, pumpkin and patchouli. And besides, you're going to know almost immediately when a scent reminds you of Christmas.

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