Actress Nora Fatehi is truly gifted when it comes to dancing. And I have only been amazed to see how gracefully Nora grooves, be it in her dance number in films or even music singles. While her Kusu Kusu in Satyamev Jayate 2 was so far my favorite, Nora totally left me impressed with her latest music single with Guru Randhawa called Dance Meri Rani. The song was released on 21st December and Nora’s mermaid avatar in it cannot be missed.

Check out the song here:

But other than the dance moves, what also impressed me was the Afro look that Nora donned. And turns out, there is a real-life inspiration behind bringing in the African culture in the song. Nora who hails from North Africa has not just incorporated African dance moves, but also taken a cue in her style from back home.

Talking about the same Nora says,

Growing up, I was surrounded by beautiful African women, be it my family members, my friends, my mother, who were blessed with beautiful curly Afro like hair. I was always in awe of the variety of beauty we have in Africa from different shades of skin tones to different textures of hair. And I’ve always wanted to celebrate that as an artist. For years I’ve seen international artists beautifully represent African hair styles, fashion and dance in various content across the globe. The African in me always wanted to celebrate Afro beauty and afro dance on a big scale through my art! With Dance Meri Rani I knew this was my chance to do just that!

Nora also added…

As an artist I always look forward to presenting something new and interesting to my audience, so when I saw an opportunity to offer a cross-cultural amalgamation, celebrating the ethnicities of both the regions, and representing the different standards of beauty I made sure I took it. I feel really proud to be celebrating African beauty in all different forms, in one single look. Dance Meri Rani is a visual treat packed with energetic Afro dance mixed with African beauty on Afro music performed by an African girl (myself) I feel proud! India culture is widely celebrated globally, being a Moroccan, I’ve seen it first hand in Africa, so I thought why not celebrate African culture in India as well.

Well, it is nice to see how Nora takes every performance of hers a notch higher. And I am totally looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us next.