Music is the best way to get in the festive groove! And we are just a week away from 2022 where everyone is in the holiday mood. Christmas songs and carols have taken over our regular playlists to set the vibe with jingling bells and choir singing. We have grown up singing songs about Santa Claus and Rudolph and they truly can never get old! So if you’re looking for that perfect Christmas playlist to vibe to, then put on your Santa hat, cut a slice of your plum cake loaf and sway to these 6 tunes that are our all-time favourite!

1) All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey

‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ is the most beautiful rendition to sway to. The soft music puts you in a better mood and makes you feel all things romantic. Mariah Carey‘s beautiful voice fills up the room and warms your insides. Honestly, all you need for Christmas is this song.

2) Mistletoe by Justin Bieber

This Justin Bieber song is soft, mystical and feels like a warm hug on a cold winter night. His voice wraps around the lyrics like soft velvety chocolate. As Bieber sings, “It’s the most beautiful time of the year, Lights fill the streets spreading so much cheer! I should be playing in the winter snow, but I’mma be under the mistletoe!”it gives you butterflies as a blush creeps its way on your cheeks as the music fills your heart.

3) Holly Jolly Christmas by Michael Bublé

“Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, It is the best time of the year!” This song makes you feel festive, happy and all things amazing. It fills you with love, sends you best wishes for the festival and makes you feel enriched and warm.

4) I Need You Christmas by Jonas Brothers

It is never too late to obsess over the Jonas Brothers! This song makes you misty-eyed but also completes you in so many ways. The lyrics, the music everything just fits perfectly together. Put on this song, sip on your favorite wine and enjoy the vibe.

5) It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas by Michael Bublé

Xmas indeed is the most wonderful time of the yearthe decorations and Xmas tree light up your house and the carols brighten your mood. This song by Michael Bublé sets the tone and makes up quite a Christmas vibe to live up to the hype.

6) Rudolph-The Red-Nosed Reindeer by Dean Martin

The child in you should never die and hence the legacy that the song carries will never die and live on for years. Rudolph just needs to peak in to your life and your days will shine brighter than his nose. Make way for Rudolph and the festive season, rise on the cheer and have a Merry Christmas!

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