Yes, we know you’ve got your outfit and makeup all planned for New Year’s Eve. However, don’t you think the end of 2021 calls for a celebration? For us, we love celebrating the joys of life by getting our nails done. No matter what your plans are for the end of the year, there’s always going to be a perfectly corresponding nail art idea for it. Whether it’s a comfy night in with your besties, a hot date with your significant other or a massive celebration with all of your loved ones—let your nails do the talking.

With the whirlwind of a year we’ve had, there have been a gazillion nail trends that have dominated our Instagram feeds. From swirly patterns to bedazzling rhinestones and vibrant french tips, I’ve been tempted to get these all. So, here are a few nail art ideas that are the perfect epitome of a celebration done right—

For The Minimalist Lovahs

This minimalist design is perfect for you if you’re not one to take risks with your nail game. A classic pink paired with a silver shimmered tip adds the right amount of subtle dazzle to this mani.

For The Crystal Cutesies

This style has been in our saved folder ever since 2017, and it still hasn’t gone out of vogue. A marble manicure with pink hues that emulate the elegant rose quartz, opt for this if you’re donning a cute fit for the night.

Some Swanky Swirls

Safe to say, swirls have taken over in 2021 as the pattern of the year. While at first glance they may look rather abstract, however, they give a rather quirky touch to your nails. Whether you’re staying in or heading out, swirls that match your dress or PJs would be a sight for sore eyes, no?

It’s The Time To Disco

Hey, did you really think we’d have no glittery inspo for you? New years eve is one time of the year where you can unapologetically go all out on some shimmer. This design features a shiny polish and some bedazzling rhinestones, a perfect recipe for nails that steal the limelight.

No Bad Nazar Here

We never thought we’d be saying this out loud, but the evil eye has been a trend for a while now. There’s no harm in a little extra protection, no? Especially, when your nails end up looking this adorbs! Keeping it balanced with the evil eye motifs and some celestial designs will defo bid adieu to the evil spirits lurking around.

Takin’ A Trip To The Galaxy

There’s no rule that all glitter and shimmer have gotta be golden or silver. Give your nails an outer space vibe with this galaxy-theme design.

Foil Drama

Not only is this nail art idea super-duper easy to achieve but it’s ideal for a massive celebration. It elevates your usual gel manicured nails and gives it some extra oomph. You could opt for a metallic shade like gold or silver, and if you’re in the mood to let loose, opt for both!

Splash Of Colour

We’ve already established swirly patterns are having a moment this year and there’s nothing like vibrant abstract flowers to brighten up the mood. Mixing and matching various hues on your nails is super exciting, don’t you think so?

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