How To Gain Weight On A Vegan Diet—As Told By An Expert

How To Gain Weight On A Vegan Diet—As Told By An Expert

Suruchi Patwary

In the 21st century, the entire rave is about eating cleaner, being fitter and becoming the best version of yourself. Diet awareness, change in eating habits and constantly finding healthier options can be time-consuming. With enough information on the web about a vegan diet, it has spread like wildfire. Individuals understand what a vegan diet consists of and how it can benefit the planet as a whole. By reducing the risk of animal cruelty, we can come together as one happy unit.

If you're following a vegan diet and wish to gain weight, we spoke to Dt. Gauri Anand, a clinical nutritionist to get some advice on doing it the right and healthy way and here's what she had to say:

Being on a vegan diet does not mean that you will have to restrict your eating habits. It allows you to consume food that has not been produced by animals. You will be eating foods that have only been produced by plants and our planet. Being vegan can be because of many reasons. Whether you are against animal cruelty, or simply because you prefer a plant-based diet. Irrespective of your reasons, being vegan can help you and our planet in multiple ways.
There is a common misconception as to being on a vegan diet makes you not put on weight. Being on a vegan diet can certainly guide you to a healthier lifestyle but it can also help you gain weight. Whether it is for building muscle or adding a few kilograms to you, a vegan diet can certainly help you with that. Even though a vegan diet consists of plant-based foods only, there are multiple options that can help you reach your weight goals!
Dt. Gauri Anand, Clinical Nutritionist

Here are some of the ways you can gain weight with a vegan diet:

1. Nuts

Nuts are a great source of protein and are also high in calorie intake. Walnuts have 185 calories in them. Eating a variety of nuts every day can be a great source of protein intake and also will help you gain the weight and muscle you are looking for.

2. Avocados

Avocados have recently resurfaced and have become the trendiest food of all time. Well good news, you can eat tons of avocados to gain weight. Avocados are known to carry high-calorie content and are great for cooling down your entire body. Its buttery nature helps calm your digestive system as well. They contain a lot of fibre and Vitamin C too.

3. Substitute Regular Vegetable Oil For Olive Oil

Olive oil also helps you reduce your risk for chronic illness. Olive oil has 119 calories per spoon, making it easy to add to your soups and other dishes.

4. Brown Rice

Instead of white rice, you can try brown rice! It carries 412 calories per cup, it is cost-cutting and also very tasty!

5. Smoothies

Smoothies are also a great way to gain weight! They are super easy to make and very tasty! To hydrate yourself, you can have a high-calorie smoothie. Smoothies are rich in fibre and can give you nutrient-dense calories without making you overly full. These are some ingredients you can add to your smoothies—nut butter, fruits, almond or soy milk, yoghurt, nuts and seeds. With all this being included you can definitely create a high fibre smoothie for you to drink whenever! As long as you add a little of everything mentioned above you will be at your desired weight at the earliest!

6. Weight Train

With all the high protein you will be consuming, please make sure you weight train as well. Without exercising, all the nutrients you are fueling your body with will go to waste. Making sure you have a daily exercise routine is important. Using weights to build muscle tone is a great way to build stamina.

7. Meal Planning

Meal planning is also a good way to make sure you are eating the right quantities for each of your meals. You can plan your meal options for the day. One example can be for breakfast you can have a big bowl of oatmeal with yoghurt and flax seeds. For snacks, you can have an apple with peanut butter and for dinner, you can have rice noodles and some vegetable soup with flaxseeds. A whole day of meals like these can assure you to build muscle and gain weight at the same time.

Prioritizing high-calorie intake foods, increasing your portion sizes, building strength by lifting weights and performing daily exercises can get you to your desired weight in a healthy way!

With all the above information mentioned, we hope that you have understood that being on a vegan diet does not mean you will lose weight; you can also gain weight in a healthy fashion. There are plenty of high-calorie foods in a vegan diet as well; we just have to be aware of the same. We hope that we have influenced you to try the vegan style of living and we hope you have fun and stay creative with it all!

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