2021 saw a release of some amazing, soulful, and banger tracks featuring some of our fave creators. Needless to say, it was defo a musical year and we absolutely love that. Here’s a round-up of some of the music videos that we just couldn’t stop playing on repeat. It was also a year of many firsts like Mehak Ghai debuting in a music video, Addy Kumar releasing his first single, and Tanzeel Khan releasing his first-ever album, amazing right? Scroll your way through these music videos and add some beautiful soundtracks to your playlists if you haven’t already.

Here we go…

1. Wallah Wallah ft. Jannat Zubair & Siddharth Nigam

We only have one word to describe this song and that is, mashallah, hehe. It’s honestly so good that you just can’t stop listening to it on loop. Siddharth and Jannat’s amazing chemistry is like the cherries on top of the cake. Check out this amazing song here.

2. Choorha ft. Anushka Sen

You should already save this amazing song to dance on in the next wedding you attend. Not gonna lie, Anushka Sen looks absolutely gorgeous in this one and we’re totes in love with Nikk’s voice. Check this song out right here.

3. Yaar Bhooke Nange ft. Team 07

This peppy song featuring Team 07 is extremely groovy and we love how Mr. Faisu, Adnan, Hasnain, Faiz and Shadan have totes aced the dance moves. Y’all should defo share this with your friends and have a gala time dancing with your pals.  

4. Shaka Laka Boom Boom ft. Nagma Mirajkar

Jass Manak’sShaka Laka Boom Boom‘ ft. Nagma Mirjakar is exactly the song you need to get the party started. It’s totes groovy and fun. Tbh, since its release, we have had it on repeat on our playlist. Check it out right away, if you haven’t already, click here.

5. Mehbooba Ji ft. Ashi Khanna

This peppy and groovy song by Kay Vee Singh featuring Ashi Khanna, totes deserves to be in your party songs playlist. You can’t help but shake a leg on this one. Have a look at this fun song, if you haven’t already and get swaying to the beats.

6. Meherma ft. Stefy Patel & Sanket Mehta

This beautiful song featuring Sanket & Stefy is no less than a romantic Bollywood musical and we are totally in love with its mesmerizing tune and soulful lyrics. You should defo check this music video out here to see Sanket & Stefy ace their characters.

7. Butterfly Waale ft. Sunny Chopra

You won’t be able to keep your feet from tapping on this one. This song by The Meet Bros and Deepti Sadhwani ft. Sunny Chopra is just too peppy and fun and you should defo check it out here. It’s super fun and groovy to listen to.

8. Can’t Let You Go by Anirudh Sharma

This song was a gift by Anirudh Sharma to his lady luck, Mrunal Panchal but it felt like a gift for us all, haina! Not only is the track just soulful, but the video has also been shot in the ‘city of love’, Paris and it’s breathtakingly beautiful. Take a look at this beautiful song here.

9. Bas Tu Dikhti Hai by Addy Kumar

Aditya Kumar released his first ever single in 2021 featuring his gal pal, Aashna Hedge, and honestly, it’s just too beautiful to miss out on. Check it out right here. We’re super impressed with Addy’s mesmerizing voice and want to see him sing more often.

10. Touheen ft. Mehak Ghai

Mehak Ghai made her music video debut this year with ‘Tauheen‘ on the soulful vocals of Miel. Honestly, you’re bound to fall in love with it every time you hear it ‘cuz it’s that beautiful. The video is no less. Mehak absolutely nailed her portrayal in this one. You can check it out here.

11. Dastaan by Tanzeel Khan

For Tanzeel Khan, 2021 was surely a year to remember as he released not just a song but a full-fledged album this year titled, ‘Dastaan‘. Each and every song in this one is beautiful and a must-hear. It’s also extra-special since it has a song named, ‘Mazil‘ which has a rap sung by none other than Manav Chhabra, isn’t that so cool? Have a look at the intro’ of the album here.

12. Heartfail ft. Nagma Mirajkar & Awez Darbar

This one has to be the most iconic music video of 2021. The hype around it was intense and we were almost convinced that Nagma and Awez are engaged. Turns out it was another one of the prankster’s pranks, hehe. But, this song by Mika Singh is worth all the praise, haina? Check out their music video here if you haven’t already.

13. Dhindora Music Video ft. Creators

Bhuvan Bam blessed us with not just a web series this year but also the biggest collab ever with this music video on Kailash Kher’s voice. This peppy song featuring so many of our fave content creators is simply a treat to watch and we absolutely love it. Check it out here. It’s honestly a masterpiece.  

Here was the year round-up for some of the best music videos of 2021 featuring some of our fave creators. You should add them to your playlist already. On that note, we hope you’re taking all the required precautions against Covid-19 and are vaccinated.