5 Luxe Makeup Buys For Looking Your Best This NYE

5 Luxe Makeup Buys For Looking Your Best This NYE

Sakshi Rawte

Prepping yourself for the celebration that is New Year’s Eve should be nothing short of a luxurious process, don’t you think? This year has been one hell of a ride. All the trials and tribulations later, you made it! A moment as grand as this deserves a pat on the back. Okay, definitely a lot more than just a pat on the back. We’d say you deserve to treat yourself with nothing but the best. With dazzling New Year parties right around the corner, it’s defo the right time to treat yourself with some shiny new makeup.

As much as we love our drugstore buddies, there’s something absolutely magical about a luxe beauty purchase. We’d like to think of these products as an investment of sorts. I mean, a top-notch quality that delivers only the most premium finishes, that’s an investment right there. One of the best parts about luxury beauty products is how exquisite the exteriors and interiors both are. Chic packaging that deserves to be shown off every single moment along with intense pigment that’s lush to the touch, what’s not to love? Naturally, we’ve rounded up some luxe buys that are going to have you looking and feeling your best this New Year’s Eve—

Armani, Silk Luminous Foundation

A royal-favourite, literally because Meghan Markle herself seems to be an ardent fan of this foundation in particular. The silk luminous foundation, remaining very much true to its name has a silky and lightweight texture. It melts into your skin upon application, all thanks to its oil-free formula. With minimalistic and dewy makeup in the limelight all through last year, a foundation with buildable coverage is just what your skin needs. You don’t need to worry a tad bit about your skin feeling dry since this one comes infused with glycerin to keep it hydrated

Charlotte Tilbury, Luxury Palette

Bringing the best of the red carpet to you, Charlotte Tilbury’s luxury palette is nothing but opulence in the form of an eyeshadow quad. It’s a versatile palette with matte, metallic and shimmery shades, perfect for party season. This tiny gem has shades that can be taken from day to night. Eye-glowing pigments that glide on and coat your eyes with a gleam like never before. An ideal combination of matte shades and glitters, each and every hue is universally flattering so your eyes are definitely going to be the centre of attention.

Hourglass, Ambient Lighting Blush

With one of the most coveted formulas to have ever existed, the ambient lighting blush uses photoambient technology unlike your usual blushes to ensure dimension upon application. The hues are extremely soft-focused and multi-dimensional and deliver the most radiant flush on your cheeks. What we love about this blush is how it’s made by hand instead of a machine, yep it really is! All thanks to this, no two ambient blushes look alike. So, if you’re looking for a glowing flush of colour on the cheek, this should be in your cart right away.

DIOR, Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Show Volume HD Mascara

Ever come across a mascara that offers your lashes everything they’ve ever dreamed of? Enter, DIOR’s Diorshow pump ‘n’ show volume HD mascara. It boasts of a new formula that offers definition to each lash and maximises the overall volume. This mascara comes enriched with cotton extracts and vitamin b5 that strengthen it along with offering it some natural definition. Forget your falsies for the night, DIOR has your lashes all figured out.

Gucci, Rouge à Lèvres Satin

Inspired by the legacy of Hollywood heroines, Gucci’s rouge à lèvres satin lipstick is a rather golden epitome of luxury and everything fine. A creamy lipstick with a satin finish, this one has intense colour that coats your lips with a single application. Long-staying formula that refuses to budge, we’re certain this one’s going to brave all the cocktails and munchies we gorge on all night! Available in 36 scintillating shades, this lipstick comes packaged in a golden tube with intricate detailing, reminiscent of the golden days.

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