What Is Cultured Meat? Is It Good For You?

What Is Cultured Meat? Is It Good For You?

Suruchi Patwary

Cultured meat, is meat that is generated from animal cells. It is a form of cellular agriculture. It is painlessly harvested from a breathing animal, to produce meat. With the cells extracted from the living animal, the scientists then wait for the cells to multiply and develop into muscle tissue. The Food and Agriculture Organization states that due to this new method, there shall be a higher want for painless meat. Cultured meat has only started becoming a topic for discussion in the past 2 years. The rise of this topic started because citizens understood the harshness of animal cruelty and wanted to see and understand whether there could be a way where you could procure meat in a safer and pain-free way.

We spoke to Dt. Gauri Anand, a clinical nutritionist to learn more about what cultured meat is, who it is for, the benefits and downside of it and more. Here's what she had to say:

Dt. Gauri Anand, Clinical Nutritionist
Dt. Gauri Anand

Why It's Not For Vegans

There has been a lot of research ever since about cultured meat. Research from the University of Oxford states that 99% lesser space is needed for livestock and various farming methods with cultured meat. Vegans still opt out of cultured meat as cells from animals are bring procured to make this meat. Generators of this meat state that this was not made for vegans but made for those who want to enjoy meat knowing that no animal was harmed in the making.

The Environmental Benefits

There are many environmental benefits as well when it comes to cultured meat. 14.5% is the carbon emission that contributes to climate change each year and with that out of the way through cultured meat, it can really help our climate. It will also eliminate deforestation of the Amazon forests.

Cultured meat even though factory-made has definitely helped our earth. It causes 92% less global warming and 93% less air pollution according to Life Cycle Assessment by CE Delft. With more space to grow plants and trees, it can take the carbon from our air which will in result cool down our planet.

Is Cultured Meat Good For You? Is It Healthy?

The irony of this question is that cultured meat and conventional meat have the same ingredients. They all still come from an animal, they have the same makeup, the same amount of nutrients, fats and proteins.

With cultured meat though, it is grown to be purely fat and muscle tissue, which is concerning. It is also the same amount of concern for those who consume meat whether cultured or conventional on a regular basis. Meat as a whole, if eaten regularly can contribute to tons of chronic illnesses.

Cultured meat though, can be modified in such a way its nutritional profile can be higher than conventional meat. It all comes down to how it is being procured and how it will be processed. Scientists say that they could make the cultured meat higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, vitamins etc.

It does give a lot of health benefits but as it is carefully developed in labs and clinics, the health concerns will be a lot lesser than conventional meat. The CDC reports that 3 or 4 human infections have come from animals.

Cultured meat could also be cost-cutting and could feed the hungry, as cultured meat will be less expensive than conventional farming ways. All in all, there is still a lot of learning to do about cultured meat and to closely follow its journey to see how beneficial it is to our bodies.

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