Sound Healing is considered as a new-age wellness therapy, but it is not a new form of therapy. This form of therapy goes back to the ancient Greek times when music was used to cure mental health disorders. It was believed that sound could heal the body because humans have an instinct for sound therapy and that is why people still prefer to listen to music to feel better and lift their mood.

So, we reached out to Anju Sharma, Psychic Reformer, Sound & Energy Master, and Founder of Sound of Infinity Band, and asked her to help us understand what sound therapy is, how it works and its benefits. Read on to know all that she shared!

What Is Sound Therapy?

Everything in this universe has a vibrational frequency, including the human body. And frequencies of sound impact our body and mind. This is the reason why certain songs and types of music often create specific types of emotions within us. Sound healing is an age-old healing procedure that uses frequencies to bring the body into a vibrational balance and harmony.

In a sound healing therapy session, one typically lies down on the floor and listens to a variety of instruments played by a practitioner. In sound therapy, the person is known to “bathe” in soothing vibrations. The frequencies of these sounds then slow down the brain waves to a healing state. Various instruments that are used during sound therapy like singing bowls, tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, gongs and drums serve different purpose. Crystal bowls are tuned to heal the seven chakras. The gong helps to release tension from the body and stimulates the nervous system.

Why Should One Go For Sound Therapy?

Sound therapy is used for healing various issues. The frequency of the sound helps manage sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, stress management, pain management and even helps in improving our relationships.

How Does Sound Therapy Work?

The vibrations of sound therapy are like a massage to every cell in the body. Practitioners believe that these vibrations have more than just the meditative, relaxing impact.


What Are The Benefits Of Sound Healing?

1. It soothes our nerves and relaxes our mind

The soothing sound of the instruments re-tunes the brain to cope with any kind of stress.

2. It clears energy blockages

The deep healing during a sound therapy session opens and clears the chakras and releases stuck energies. Sound therapy sends stimulating vibrations to the brain that encourages the brain to release suppressed energy. When this healing happens, you feel a physical sense like a tingling effect or feel different temperatures like hot or cold. At this time, focus on your breathing and allow these sensations to pass.


3. It boosts the immune system

Sound therapy helps in healing physically, mentally and spiritually. This holistic healing improves our immunity system and helps the body to fight against any diseases. It also clears the mind and leads to a feeling of happiness and well-being.

4. It improves attention span

With the pandemic, many parents have considered sound therapy for their kids to improve their attention span. Apart from this, anyone facing speech difficulties has found a great solution in sound therapy. The sound frequencies enable the brain to listen more efficiently and focus the mind on certain tasks.


5. It helps in improving relationships

Too much stress and tension can impact one’s relationships, be it personal or professional. With sound healing, our stress level is controlled and we are relaxed to think and build on our relationships with others.

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