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One of the most common complaints women have about fashion these days is that it’s really hard for them to find their size. Many brands claim to have plus sizes but will only carry up to size 16 or 18. What happens to women who wear upwards of that number? Do they not deserve the opportunity to look and feel their stylish best? The most interesting part is that most of these women want to experiment with their style but for the lack of better options they aren’t living out their stylish dreams.

A lot of the time, these women will also experience an increase in cost because of the amount of fabric that might go into the production of it. It seems rather unfair and a derogatory move. I too have struggled with finding clothes that make me feel comfortable and sexy in my size and eventually shopping becomes an all-together daunting task that one wants to avoid at all costs. So when I put together this list, I looked to see if most of these brands were willing to customise items to fit one’s size. And ladies this is the silver lining you’ve been looking for. Scroll on to read more.

Let’s take a look at some of our current favourite size-inclusive labels for curvy girls:

1) Malai Life

If you like prints like me and you need cotton to beat the horrendous weather in Mumbai you’re going to love Malai Life. Any piece can be customised in any print and style of your choice, oh and any size as well.

2) Stephany Dsouza

Luxury resort wear in vibrant shades and fun assymetric styles best describes Stephany’s brand. Her clothes easily double up as stunning party maternity wear as well.

3) Pink City By Sarika

If you’re on the hunt for effortlessly stylish ethnic garments with a modern-day touch in poppy colours with intricate embroidery; Pink City is perfect for you. Having worn one of her pieces before I assure you the comfort is unparalled.

4) Yavi

Yavi is all about understated luxury that uses traditional handcrafting and hand painting techniques. What’s intresting about the brand is how well they play with print, textures and silhouette. Oversized interesting shapes that allow one to experiment freely with their style .

5) Studio Medium

This label features a mix of traditional handwoven textiles and resist dyeing techniques. In an effort to remain conscious they work with natural and azo free dyes. Studio Medium‘s appeal lies in the fact that these garments are prospective heirlooms that can be passed on from one generation to the other.

6) Doodlage

Seasonless garments made from upcycled factory waste and scraps of fabric form the core sensibilities of Doodlage. A hearty mix of print and texture add to the unique appeal of this brand. So if you’re conscious and curious about ethical production of your garments this label is up there trying their hardest to make a difference.

7) EnEch By Nupur Harwani

Lightweight fabrics with interestingembroidery and drapery form the basis of Nupur’s designs. The free flowing butter like fall of each outfit is sure to make you feel comfortable and all designs can be customised to your liking.

8) Doh Tak Keh

I am officially obsessed with Doh Tak Keh‘s approach to androgynous fashion and their take on streetstyle and how effortlessly they’ve manage to interweave Indian traditional art forms with a twist. Their radical prints and eccentric colour palette is totally rad and I am dying to wear one of their looks because at least I won’t have to worry about them having my size.

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