10 Homegrown Maternity Wear Brands Every Pregnant Mama Needs To Checkout

10 Homegrown Maternity Wear Brands Every Pregnant Mama Needs To Checkout

Barkha Chawla

Fashion is for everyone, for kids, for seniors, for adults, and for pregnant moms alike. In this ever-expanding fashion industry, there now exist brands that cater to every niche. Pregnancy fashion has recently taken a front seat and we are so happy to see these Indian brands cater especially to pregnant moms.

During these 9 months and postpartum, a woman’s body goes through tremendous changes. This requires clothing to be comfortable and cater to the specific needs of moms. Thanks to the ever-evolving fashion industry, now pregnant moms and look stylish and fashionable throughout their pregnancy. To cope with the struggles of childbirth, it aids to have brands that manufacture fuss-free and comfortable clothing for pregnant and nursing moms.

1. The Wobbly Walk

You can rely on The Wobbly Walk to provide you with everyday basics and loungewear in all fashionable colours. They make super cute apparel in amazing prints that look absolutely adorable on mum with a bump.

2. Coockatoo Clothing

If your style is indie dresses and kurtis, you need to check out this brand for all the latest designs and the variety of prints that they provide. They have a bevy of options in terms of designs and aesthetics. Their price range is very affordable too.

3.  Tada Wearhouse

Their specialty is hand block and handcrafted artisanal attire. Once you check out their product range, you’ll be spoilt for choice. They have a very vibrant vibe to their clothing line. The hand block prints are also very refreshing.

4. Mom To Be

As the name suggests, this brand specially caters to pregnant mums. The quality, craftsmanship, and tailoring are impeccable. Their price point is also very pocket-friendly. If you’re a pregnant mom, you definitely need to check out their collection at least once.

5. Morph Maternity

This is your one-stop-shop for all things maternity. You can find maternity wear, nursing wear, nursing bras, nursing nightwear, ethnic wear, and postpartum panties all under one roof. The next time you need anything, you know where to go. Everything is available in one place makes the whole shopping experience so smooth.

6. Seraphine

With the options that Seraphine provides, you can never compromise on the looks while you are enjoying your pregnancy. They have a wide range of western maternity wear and even twinning options with your little ones. You can choose to be comfortable yet fashionable with Seraphine.

7. Love Mama Couture

Clothes from Love Mama Couture are designed specially keeping in mind the ever-changing body of a mum. Although slightly more expensive, the dresses at Love Mama Couture are known for their graceful style and skin-friendly fabrics. They have a wide variety of formal wear collections that will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

8. Mummas Label

Each piece at Mummas Label is hand-crafted and made-to-order. They make some of the most glam maternity dresses. The asymmetrical hemlines and twinning dresses have our hearts.

9. The Mom Store

This popular brand has kids' wear as well as maternity wear. We love their floral prints and easy-style dresses, perfect for the first trimester to hide the bump until you decide to tell everyone about your pregnancy. The Mom Store has some very cool options to choose from.

10. Momsoon Official

This is my personal favourite brand. Their dresses are timeless and you can carry them with such elegance even after your pregnancy. They have a gorgeous collection of maxi dresses and their nursing wear capes are so unique.

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