As the new year is coming closer day by day let’s end the same on a happy and positive note. Here we are summing up some beautiful and emotional moments that few of our fave creators experienced this year. Yes, we’re talking about them becoming proud parents and beginning the journey of parenthood. Babies are so full of positive and happy vibes that they cannot be compared to any other beautiful feeling in the world. Scroll down to see who’s new to the crew and a reason to wake up early every morning, heheh.


1. Ritu Rathee and Gaurav Taneja

Aww, their family looks so complete now, aren’t they the cutest together? Ritu delivered #ChotaBaby, Pihu in October. The baby girl looks nothing less than an angle in this click. Honestly, we always kept an eye on Gaurav’s YouTube channel to see his vlogs ‘cause it was filled with emotions, happiness and so much more during the pregnancy period. If you wanna see the entire pregnancy vlog then click here. Brb, wiping my happy tears!

2. Shanice Shrestha and Nikhil Sharma

The beautiful couple Shanice and Nikhil Sharma, popularly known as ‘Mumbaikar Nikhil‘ tied the knot in January this year and delivered a cute lil‘ baby girl in December 2021 named Sky. We love the fact that they took such a meaningful and unique name for their child. What really kept us waiting for this baby, even more, is their gender reveal video on Nikhil’s YouTube channel. Needless to say, it was totes a year to remember for them and we’re super happy for this gorgeous family.

3. Danish Khan

Welcoming a baby into the world is an exciting experience and we can defo see the same here. We love how Danish is holding the baby around his arms and looking at it so passionately. The note that he penned down announcing this news to his social media family has totally melted our hearts and how! May the little one be blessed with good health, happiness, and prosperity only.

4. Prianka and Rannvijay Singha

Hooray! It is a baby boy. This couple has had our hearts since Kainaat was born and yet again they’ve made us fall in love with their cutesy family pictures after the arrival of Jahaanvir. Now Kainaat has a sibling to have all those brother-sister fights and quarrels, hahah. Jokes apart, we’re the happiest watching them grow their family tree.

5. Tina Kakkad and Abhishek Dhanak

The mommy blogger, @theimagecode welcomed baby Arik in the month of August and this was the best feeling ever for her. Being a mommy influencer, during her pregnancy phase she spoke a lot about her journey, the changes in the body, the ups and downs that she went through which made the journey even more interesting for us to follow. At the end of the day, Baby A is all that mattered. Wishing ‘em all a blessed life.

6. Mili Jhaveri

Our hearts are filled with love looking at baby Alyza Jhaveri! Mili has shared each and every detail of her pre, as well as post-pregnancy stories. From how they chose her name to their each hospital day to her second birth story it’s all on her feed. We’re super happy for her and the cute lil‘ one that we wish them all the prosperity and warmth in life!

7. Anindita

Being a mother for the first time brings in a lot of new experiences and Anindta indeed felt them all when she welcomed Kiara into her life. Also, we feel that Kiara looks so much like Anindita. So, to keep yourself updated on her parenting journey follow her right away!

Just like us you also couldn’t stop saying ‘aww‘ the entire time, right? If this didn’t bring a smile to your face while reading it then we don’t know what would. 2021 has defo been a year to remember for all of them and we hope it was for you as well. On a side note, we urge you all to stay home as the number of cases are rising once again.