Timeless Timepieces That Are Worth The Investment

Timeless Timepieces That Are Worth The Investment

Joanna Fernandes

Watches are an absolute staple in the accessories department. Leaving my house without a watch on my hand just feels like my wrist is naked! There are a plethora of watches available in all shapes and sizes nowadays, so you are surely bound to find the one for you! Watches are a great way to jazz up your look and instantly add some character to it. Whenever I feel like my outfit is missing something I just slap on a fancy watch and I'm good to go!

Here are some stunning pieces that are totally worth the investment:

1. Guess

This unique, square-framed watch from Guess looks absolutely gorgeous! Usually seen on smartwatches, a square frame is quite a fresh look on a classic watch. It has a diamond-encrusted border that adds a touch of luxe to this watch. The straps feature a seamless, mesh steel design giving it a chic and sophisticated look. This watch comes in gold, silver and rose gold for you to choose from and a watch like this would compliment just about every outfit making it the ideal choice for one!

2. Cartier

What's not to love about a watch that looks like a bracelet? If you're looking to accessorise your party wear and just a watch doesn't feel like enough to make a statement, this two-in-one wonder from Cartier is the watch for you! The thick band is embellished with diamonds all over and has a small circular, dial in the centre. Even the dial is adorned with tiny diamonds! Shining ever so bright this watch surely grab the eyes. This watch is just the perfect amount of extra and we're loving it!

3. Fossil

With technology booming, smartwatches are becoming popular day-by-day! These kinds of watches usually come in a very modern and sleek silhouette. However, this one from Fossil has maintained the look of a traditional watch and it definitely caught my eye! With this watch, you can enjoy all the attributes of a smartwatch without compromising on your love for a classically designed watch! There are also tons of colour options available for you. You best believe I'll be adding this to my wish list right now!

4. Chopard

The dial adorned with diamonds entirely on this watch from Chopard looks absolutely dazzling and can certainly be spotted from a mile away. Every girl dreams of getting some diamonds as a gift, usually as a ring, but how cool would it be to get an entire diamond watch? Hint-hint to anyone who wants to buy me a gift! The straps give this watch a contrasting look with just a basic, elegant design. This spectacular watch is apt for those of you who'd like to make a statement and stand out!

5. Titan

Anything in the colour rose gold has a special hold on me and this watch from Titan is no less! The idea behind the design of this watch is to recognise and include all diverse shapes and sizes for women! Elements from different shapes and sizes have been put together to form a beautiful asymmetrical strap. This watch features a sleek, rectangular dial the same size as the strap giving it that classy, vintage vibe. I for sure have already thought of 100 different outfits that I can style this with!

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