Pre-baby, New Year’s Eve was all about watching the ball drop, drinking like a fish, dancing like there is no tomorrow, finding the perfect sequin dress, and getting into bed at wee hours. Let’s be real, NYE with a baby might not be as wild but that should not stop you from making a night out of it and bringing in 2022 with your minis! Celebrating NYE with your child might even beat most of your previous festivities hands down (and result in less of a hangover).

With kids, it is all about planning and thinking ahead. So let the countdown begin…

1. Make a plan

Have a rough plan in place, if you’re looking to go out for dinner, make all your reservations beforehand and follow the kid’s routine while making these reservations. If you are going for a house party, pack all the essentials you might need for the night. Pack a night suit and their favourite blankie, because let’s be honest, they might pass out way before midnight.

2. Watch the ball drop at home

Fuzzy socks, your comfy couch, a good movie, your favourite bubbly, and snacks! Nothing can go wrong with this combination. Let’s hear it for a New Year’s night in. Your baby will be settled at home and you can enjoy a relaxed evening with your spouse. Absolute bliss, especially after all the sleepless nights you’ve had after the baby.

3. Dress up and click a million pictures

Make the most of this holiday, dress up in twinning outfits pull out your camera and make memories that will last a lifetime. It will make you feel extra special to be all dolled-up. Dressing-up sets the mood for a special night, no matter what’s the plan.

4. Throw Confetti

Kids love colour and confetti is their absolute favourite. Blow some bubbles, party-poppers, and have extra confetti ready for your kids to throw around and have some fun. This will help them understand that it’s a special night. You don’t have to worry about the mess until the next year…


5. Light Lantern

Tell your kids to make a wish, after that ask them to whisper it to the lantern, light them up and release them to the vast open skies. Watch it go up and high together. Make breakfast plans while you do it.

6. Make a time capsule

Make a memory box from 2021, put a few pictures, some collectables, a little note from you and seal the box. Label it, “To be opened on NYE 10 years later.” Bury it or keep it somewhere safe.

7. Have a breakfast party

On the New Year morning, make a special spread for your family and have a feast! You know the kids cannot last the count of the clock so make the most of it during the daytime.


8. Have a parents’ party

If you do insist on staying up till midnight, why not have the party come to you? If you have the bandwidth, plan a party with your circle of parents where even the kids will have company and have a good time. You can order some pizza and cheesecake. Plan a few games for the little ones and hopefully, they will be stuffed and tired to go to bed after the party ends.

However, you decide to celebrate, make sure you click a lot of pictures and have unlimited family bonding time. We wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!


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