2021 was quite an eventful year in terms of beauty, don’t you think? We saw the advent of statement eyes that exuded adventure and skinimalism which reaffirmed our beliefs in less is more. How could we forget the resurgence of Y2K? Lip glosses, frosted eyeshadows, copious amounts of glitter and of course, the infamous zigzag hair parting. NGL, we enjoyed this blast from the past. This year had its own moments with healthy and utterly radiant skin too. The dolphin and dewy skin trends were a testament to that fact!

Madhavi Irani, Director Customer Engagement at Enrich tells us that,

“There is a buoyancy in beauty again. Statement lips, retro hues, bolder blush techniques, and technicolour eyes will be big in 2022, besides timeless trends like dewy skin, clean, green beauty, and ingredient-focused skincare that heals, repairs, and nourishes.”

A focus on ingredient specific skincare will be in the limelight definitively. With consumers making an effort to be more knowledgeable about the food they’re feeding the skin, Madhavi believes that effective ingredients like peptides, alpha hydroxy acids and hyaluronic acid will be here to stay in 2022.

Adhuna, Founder and Creative Director at BBlunt, believes that a return to the natural, in terms of texture and hairstyles is what’s happening right now. She chimes in with us on the 90s’ time capsule being opened and says,

“The 90s are definitely a strong influence, shaping and leading fashion everywhere right now. Accessories, snap clips, bobby pins and barrettes in pop-art colours are fun additions for styling.”

As a veteran in the hairstyling industry, she’s observed that individuals are progressing towards experimenting with a variety of hair colours and shorter styles too. However, Adhuna feels that hairstyles are not so definitive anymore. Statement-making colours are all the rage! Hair colour is a great way to experience a significant personal transformation, just like you would with a brand new haircut.

Maximalism will be making a rather splendid comeback in 2022 as we see individuals wanting to experiment with beauty and hair.

Blazin’ Red Hair

Red being hot this season, will continue to be a first-choice for enthusiasts wanting some adventure. With a plethora of options available, there really is a shade of red for everyone. For a change, we’re not talking about lipstick! If you happen to be someone who doesn’t enjoy experimenting, subtle cherry red highlights are absolutely perfect for you since they do a fabulous job at just melting into your locks. On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for some drama, nothing beats a full head of red. Amirite?

Glossy Lips

In the words of the iconic Serena van der Woodsen herself, “Lipstick lasts longer, but gloss is more fun.” Lip glosses have made a raging re-entry into our lives once again. Was I the only one whose stepping stone into the world of beauty was with a fruity roller lip gloss? Well, the appeal over plump and juicy lips is going nowhere, and that’s exactly why we’re seeing so many beauty brands come up with a new gloss almost every month. Not that we’re complaining.

Bold Blushes

If there was one beauty product that proved its versatility, it’s gotta be blush. This year we’ve seen it be a star when it comes to beauty trends. Whether it’s monochrome makeup or blush draping, this baby can do it all. Since makeup enthusiasts seem to be excitedly exploring the ways around a blush, they’re also open to colours that are bolder and styles that are colourful.

Dramatic Eyeliner

Even though colourful eyeliner is never going out of style, thanks to Euphoria, 2022 will see a major presence of eyeliner styles that push you out of your comfort zone. Experimenting with eyeliner is always a fun process because there are a plethora of elements one can play with. With so many shapes, colours and finishes, the realm of creativity becomes a lot wider. We’re certain you’ve thought about playing around with eyeliner too.

Ingredient-Specific Skincare

If there was one thing we managed to ace while we were cooped up at home was skincare. With a lot more time on our hands, most of us took an extra step to get to know our skincare besties a little better than we already do. With consumers not being oblivious about what their favourite products contain, ingredients started being pushed onto the centre stage and gained popularity.

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