Mohammed Salim Khan, better known as MSK is a Mumbai-based content creator who has a massive digital influence today. He was always a travel enthusiast but his passion for bike riding and exploring the world is what made his dream come true as it opened his doors to commence on a journey of many milestones. He never had an aim to become a YouTuber but it was in 2019 when he sidelined his acting career and started creating content through his travel expeditions. A perfectionist by nature, he went above and beyond to learn the nuances of vlogging and little did he know that one day his passion would give him fame and the name that his fans now know as MSK. Read on to know more about MSK and his journey.  

About Mohammed Salim Khan a.k.a. MSK

This trailblazer from the windowless attic of Dharavi rose to fame with his YouTube channel, MSKVlogs. Within five years, he has garnered a massive following of 1.56 million subscribers on YouTube and 393k on Instagram. He has a strong following of 75k on Facebook as well. He started his YouTube journey as a way to draw out his fear from the camera and build confidence but later he embraced his passion to make a career out of it. His Instagram feed has all sorts of travel goals showcasing every aspect of his life. Salim tries his best to weave creativity and perfection in each piece of his content. Over the years, he has also featured in multiple magazines and portals for his trips, experiences, and for his journey as a vlogger.

All about Mohammed Salim Khan’s content

MSK’s main focus lies in showcasing his travelling and moto ride content. He makes sure that his vlogs cover the length and breadth of the world and his USP is to make all his drives or rides to his destinations deeply personal. He is a dreamer and an achiever. Solely with his hard work and creativity, Mohammed Salim Khan has conquered every field he has stepped into, be it cricket, filmmaking, business, or vlogging. He believes that luck has played a huge role in his life and career. However, it is not easy for a person with such a humble background to gain fame at such a young age. But with his sheer perseverance he has overcome it all.

Here’s what Mohammed Salim Khan has to say about her journey,

Mohammad Salim Khan (Source: Instagram | @msk_s1991)
Mohammad Salim Khan (Source: Instagram | @msk_s1991)
I started my content creation journey on YouTube in 2016. Back then, the social media industry was snowballing. I have always loved travelling and my experience in film-making only made it easier for me to create YouTube videos. I started a YouTube Channel called ‘MSK Vlogs’ to polish my film-making skills and improve my personality as an actor. I did not expect this to be my career. It was a lucky break when I got my first brand collaboration and it made me realise that this could be something more than just a hobby. Creating entertaining and informative content, inspiring people and being real has helped me establish a deeper connection with my audience. I started vlogging to learn, and now it is my LIFE.

We absolutely love how MSK decided to follow his passion and became a successful YouTuber. We can’t wait for him to reach newer heights and achieve many more milestones riding and exploring. On a side note, we hope that everyone is taking care of all the precautions while stepping out.