The festive season is just around the corner, and who doesn’t like a gift that is beautifully wrapped? When your gifts look like something out of a storybook, it instantly adds to the Christmas Magic.

There are so many ways you can wrap your presents, that don’t even require fancy wrapping paper you can just use a brown bag or an old cloth or even just your regular newspaper. You’d be pleasantly surprised to see the outcome. But in case you have little extra time to get creative, why not visit the local craft store and make something that just looks like it’s out of a Pinterest board? Something lace-covered or a gifting paper made by your kids?

Just decide which direction you’d like to go, and no matter where you go – Christmas party, Baby-shower, kids-birthday parties, or even a wedding. These wrapping ideas are going to elevate your gift up a notch. Watch these videos and we’re sure you’ll come back looking for more.

Your present is going to look so pretty, that it’ll be almost too hard to open!

  1. Double Pocket Wrap

Twice the pockets, twice the fun!

2. Homemade Bow

All you need is a satin ribbon to make your gifts look extra special!

3. A Cross Fold Wrap

How elegant does this look? You can add dried flowers to make it look dreamier

4. Gift-Box Bow

A huge bow is a sure-shot way of seeing a big smile on anyone’s face!

5. Cloth Gift Wrap

This is the eco-conscious gift wrapping option, you can use any cloth that is lying around the house and get creative!

6. Cylindrical wrap

Cylinders and round boxes are the most difficult ones to wrap, here’s the perfect solution to that problem!

7. Multi-Layer Wrap

This one looks timeless, use it to wrap your books or rectangle boxes!

8. The Classic Wrap

Having clean margins and topping it with a ribbon makes this wrap like nothing else!

9. Reindeer & Santa Wrap

How cute are these? These will instantly bring a smile to any kid’s face!

10. Brown Paper Wrap

Brown paper is the easiest to source and so readily available.

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