As a highlighter connoisseur, I’ve probably hoarded dozens of highlighters over the years. I’m a sucker for a good glow, aren’t you? With the power to transform your entire makeup look, a highlighter doesn’t just make your cheekbones glow but your entire soul is suddenly so much more radiant with it. Okay, that may be a tad bit exaggerated, but you get the point. Highlighters come in a variety of shades and there’s always one for each occasion. Wanna go all out? A gold one is your best pick. Headed for a romantic date? Opt for a soft rose gold one.

However, when it comes to textures and finishes, I have a soft spot for liquid highlighters. Today, I’m going to make sure I convert you into a liquid highlighter lover too! Comparatively, these highlighters are a lot easier to use and with them, a little goes a long way. With so many beauty trends this year focusing on a dewy and ultra-glowing result, you NEED to own a liquid highlighter. Its consistency makes this particular type of highlighter super blendable. All you have to do is take a single drop of it on your fingertips and dab it on the high points of your face. Voila! You’ve got a glow of the gods. Confused about which liquid highlighter you should pick? Whether you’re looking for a blinding glow or a subtle sheen, we’ve got you covered with some of the best picks—

Benefit Cosmetics, High Beam Liquid Highlighter

A delicate hue of pink that’s responsible for helping you attain a soft glow, this highlighter from Benefit Cosmetics is an ideal choice if you like your shine a little subtle. A gleaming pink which resembles a beautiful satin cloth, this one accentuates all the high points of your face. Famously known as the “supermodel in a bottle”, if you’ve been wanting to jump on the model-like glow bandwagon, this one is all you need!

Nudestix, Magnetic Nude Glimmer

We love a versatile product in the house and Nudestix’ magnetic nude glimmer is IT! Created for a glow on the eyes, cheeks and lips, there’s nothing about this product that we don’t love. The shining gel melts seamlessly into your skin and leaves a rather natural glow behind. A pink-champagne tone for the ones who like an angelic glow, a stunning golden hue for the ones who love being that talk of the town and an ethereal bronze shade for the ones who like keeping it sultry. What’s not to love?

NYX Professional Makeup, Born To Glow Liquid Highlighter

Embodying every aspect of its name, the born to glow liquid highlighter from NYX Professional Makeup has an intensely pigmented shine that doesn’t disappoint. A single drop is enough for your whole face! Yep, that’s how much it gleams. My favourite part about this product is how it has no chunks of glitter at all, which means it’s going to sink into your makeup like a dream.

ICONIC London, Illuminator

A celebrity favourite that’s attained cult status over the years, the liquid highlighter by ICONIC London is adored by legends like Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian. With raving reviews all across the internet, it’s not difficult to figure out why this liquid highlighter wears a crown. We’d go as far as to call it gold in a bottle because that’s exactly what it is. A blinding glow that comes in 5 different shades, we’re certain this one’s going find a spot in your vanity.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Liquid Glow

Renowned for their blinding highlighter palettes, Anastasia Beverly Hills’ glow game is always top-notch. A lightweight formula that promises to make you shine through it all, the liquid glow highlighter comes in 7 distinct shades that are impossible to choose from! All thanks to its formula, this product is exactly what you need when you’re going for that whole glassy vibe.

Fenty Beauty, Liquid Killawatt

Okay, we know Fenty Beauty’s newest launch hasn’t hit the shelves yet, but how could we resist? We went gaga over the launch of the killawatt highlighters, trust us. Imagine that scintillating formula in liquid, we already know which shades we’re getting! Non-greasy to the touch and buildable glimmer, who wouldn’t want to cop this? Launching in 5 universally flattering shades, the liquid killawatt is set to take all of our money. Well, mine definitely!

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