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An accessory is a much-needed finishing touch any outfit needs. Of course, there are some exceptions where you want the outfit to do all the talking and be the centre of attention. And in some other cases, you want a single statement piece that becomes a conversation starter at a party. I cannot tell you how many times people have asked me about a piece of my jewellery simply out of curiosity and in the strangest of places as well.  

The key is choosing the right type of statement piece for the right type of event. If you’re going to a party you know you can experiment and opt for a bold statement piece. And if you’re attending a casual do you could maybe opt for a statement ring or earrings. Either way, you’re bound to elevate the overall look and feel of your outfit. And to make it easier for one to shop this holiday season we decided to put together a list of labels you could buy from. Scroll on for more.

Here’s a look at 8 statement jewellery pieces that we’re crushing on:

1) Studio Metallurgy

Studio Metallurgy has some of the most beautiful crafted rings that I’ve sneakily had my eyes on for so very long. Love everything that comes out of this brand. The collections are creative and unconventional, almost like functional and wearable art.


If you’re on the hunt for modern and contemporary jewellery look no beyond MNSH. All of their pieces are polished and plated with 22kt gold. My favourite is this beaten metal cuff, imagine what a grand statement it would make as you walk into a party in your pretty dress.

3) Malvika Vaswani

Malvika’s brand is the perfect embodiment of elegance. Her attention to detail is one to reckon with. She has the knack of making even the most delicate pieces look like statement jewellery. You’ll also notice an influence of architecture and industrial design in all of her work.

4) Kira The Label

My favourite thing about Kira jewellery is that all the pieces look like they are in motion. The pieces are simple but the sculptural qualities are so aesthetically pleasing that I would steal pretty much everything from this brand. And the best part is that all her jewellery is handcrafted by her and her team in Jaipur.

5) Shop Eurumme

Shop Eurumme‘s jewellery is an amalgamation of minimal yet striking, statement pieces. A mix of metals, plated, electroplated and semi precious stones; no two pieces are alike and you’re bound to find yourself a unique piece that transcends seasons and trends.

6) Zohra

The jewellery from Zohra always zaps me by drawining its inspiration from natural flora and fauna elements. 3D geometric structures and eclectic styles fill their collections and even though each piece seems delicate they definitely make quite the statement.  

7) Viange Vintage

Viange Vintage offers keen finds from the world of costume jewellery. So if you’re on the hunt of timeless pieces that offer the charm and nostalgia of famous fashion houses from the ’70s and ’90s Viange is the place for you. I’m always stalking their account especially since I’ve always been obsessed with vintage jewellery since forever. Vintage is having it’s moment in the sun and now is the time to capitalise on this trend.

8) Opalina

Opalina creates pieces that are a fusion between western and Indian trends. Each piece is intricately hand crafted with 22-carat gold plated silver jewellery along with precious and semi-precious stones. These pieces look simply exquisite and
I can’t wait to get my hand on one someday.

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