One of the most important things about digital platforms is to keep your audience entertained. And Archana Doshi exactly knows how to make this magic happen with her simple, mouth-watering content. An engineer by education and food-blogger by choice, Archana gave her love for food and passion a name that we now know as ‘Archana’s Kitchen’. Well, little did she know that one day her mission to inspire people, to enjoy their cooking time while cooking healthy and fresh food would give her fame and name in the Masterchef world. Read on to know more about Archana and her journey.

About Archana Doshi

Archana’s love for food and cooking started at a very young age. Ever since she put on an apron and began cooking with her mother she has never looked back. Her scrumptious recipes and infectious energy has defo converted us into a foodie forever. Archana switched her career from a software engineer to a full-time chef and food blogger who aimed to share simple, healthy and yummy food content with everyone around the world.

All about Archana’s Kitchen

Today, Archana’s Kitchen is a leading as well as a renowned recipe and food discovery platform that gives the world credible and confident ‘DIY’ solutions for everyday cooking. What really stands out for us is that what gets cooked in the kitchen is shared exactly the same way. From meal plans to special diets to dinner and lunch box ideas to the festival menus, her content includes all. That’s not all, she has been spotted on television with top chefs like Vikas Khanna. Today, with a massive following on different social media platforms Archana’s kitchen has become a common name for all drool-worthy recipes. We have tried almost all her recipes, what about you? If you still haven’t watched her delicious cooking videos then you should click here and check them out.

We got the opportunity to know more about Archana…

Tell us more about your journey and content?

Over the years, as I cooked for friends and family, the most common problem which they would share with me was that they found cooking too difficult and intimidating.  I changed careers after working as a software engineer for two and a half years and founded Archana’s Kitchen. My main goal was to make cooking simple by providing recipes and videos that could be accessed from anywhere in the world. Every day, I dream and work towards empowering people with skills for easy and effortless cooking which will enable them to lead a healthy life. I strongly believe that health resides on the dinner table.

Tell us a little more about Archana’s Kitchen?

I founded Archana’s Kitchen in November 2007 and today, Archana’s Kitchen is a leading recipe and food discovery website that gives the world credible and reliable ‘DIY’ solutions for everyday cooking. The website enables people to prepare nutritious food in their own kitchens with ease. Our recipes are used by millions of people. Our videos also include splendid content such as quick healthy breakfast ideas, dinner ideas, lunch box ideas, party menus, festival recipes, and much more.

Archana’s Kitchen is trusted for its healthy recipes which are focused on portion control meal ideas for everyday health, diabetic-friendly recipes, cholesterol-friendly recipes and so much more. The weekly meal plans are immensely popular as we give ideas to people on how they can plan their weekly meals from breakfast to lunch and dinner. Through Archana’s Kitchen, my mission is to create & organize resources and empower people with healthy food and eating habits using the best available products that will enable them to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

How did Facebook help you in your success?

Connecting with users through social media such as Facebook and engaging with them on an everyday basis has helped us learn more about their needs and how we can continue to develop content, products and create value for them. The platforms have been immensely valuable in understanding the needs of the customer.

What’s the one thing that makes ‘Archana’s Kitchen’ so unique?

Love, passion, and dedication to share healthy, exotic, simple vegetarian cooking through recipes that are easy to understand, with local fresh ingredients and using easier cooking techniques and not using technical jargon. Accepting feedback from the people who have tried the recipes and engaging with all the fans to understand their dietary needs has been my focus. These qualities have made Archana’s Kitchen unique and hence, I am able to give back to the community, rich and valuable content that they can use at home to make recipes.

What type of challenges did you face when you started creating content and how did you overcome it?

Over the years, I have donned the hat of a cook, cleaner, sales head, influencer, advertiser, brand, and a colleague to all employed at Archana’s Kitchen. Each one of these roles came with its challenges, but there were a few things that have always helped me in keeping the momentum ongoing. Passion, persistence and deep focus on my vision to create valuable content and via it, impact people across the world. Keep myself updated with technology and trends and continue learning and lastly, never give up!

What’s the secret behind such mouth-watering recipes?

I don’t fear trying new ingredients, cuisines, and recipes as long as they are vegetarian. Having travelled across countries, I understand how a dish would taste based on the ingredients used. So the inherent inertia to try something new and challenging is what I look for when I am a seeker. I love to cook according to the seasons and the recipes that I cook change with each passing season. I might have learnt something new in the past and would love to try it out when a season comes by. So in essence, it’s love that goes into cooking, creating and spreading that love via recipes and videos. And here is another little about me, “I live to eat”!

What advice would you like to give other budding creators and chefs?

The advice I would like to share will be, whatever work you do, do it as if you are the owner of the business. Only then the results can be exponential for your growth, both mentally and financially. Secondly, there is no barrier that is stopping you, whatever you feel is stopping your growth is not an external influence, instead, it is an internal influence and is within you. You should wake up, sit straight, get the confidence, and never give up, never look back, keep moving and keep creating valuable content for your viewers. Have the passion, persistence, and the will to never give up! And lastly, meditate – it gives immense clarity of thought

What can we expect from ‘Archana’s Kitchen’ in the near future?

The pandemic gave me time to think about what the next step for Archana’s Kitchen should be. After interacting with so many users online on social media and live cooking lessons, I built on all those insights and decided to launch my own brand of Food products. This led us to launch Archana’s Kitchen Zero Maida Baking Mixes now we have 6 products in the line – brownie and cookie mixes.

For me, every day is day one! I keep doing what I must do to add value to the customers. Keep listening to them and their needs and build and improve the products accordingly. I truly believe that the D2C business has been a great way to have progressed on my goals for Archana’s Kitchen. I plan to expand my online business and continue to build on more products and add value to the customers, making cooking easy.

We absolutely love how Archana followed her heart and has become one of the leading healthy food recipe and content channels in India. If you wanna learn some nutritious yet scrumptious recipes this new year then you should totally follow Archana’s Kitchen. On a side note, we hope that everyone is taking care of all the precautions while celebrating their New Year.