Recently, when actor Allu Arjun was in town to promote his film Pushpa: The Rise, donning an all-black attire, I was in awe of his larger-than-life persona. Not to mention, I wondered why he has not yet been cast in a full-fledged Bollywood film despite enjoying such a huge stardom; having worked in the Telegu film industry for 20 years now. The south star, clearly, has a different level of fan-base and the fact that Pushpa has done such a humungous business, even amidst the pandemic, attests to that.

In a conversation with PTI, the actor opened up about his wishes and plans to work in a Bollywood film.

Arjun said:

“I have got an offer but nothing concrete or exciting. Hopefully soon (it will happen). It does take courage; you have to risk it (to work in another industry).”

While it definitely requires courage, Arjun is also sure that he doesn’t wish to disappoint his fans who have this heroic image of him.

He adds:

“When we are the protagonist of films that we do, anyone who comes to us will only come with an offer to play a protagonist. I would not be interested in anything else. It is very well understood.”

I totally love this attitude of the star who knows his worth and also his gesture to not let down his loyal fans. But I’m so excited by the thought of seeing Arjun in a Bollywood movie and I’m sure it’s going to be worth it.