The creator community is defo getting larger and larger day by day 'cause of their uniqueness and followership. We love it when creators and Bollywood celebrities come together to create and promote content. Instagram has made it possible for us to witness such amazing content and it's nothing less than 'faddu'! Lately, many creators have got an opportunity to work and meet celebs which is honestly a very big deal! So, scroll down to know who they are and to unlock your 'double dhamaka' gift, hehe...

Get ready to set your 'Bolly-mood'!

1. Gaurav Taneja meets John Abraham

Good things come to people who 'weight', and we've defo waited for this one! Watching two fitness enthusiasts in one frame 'abs-olutely' left us starstruck. This picture of both of them together totally gives us 'Dhoom' vibes, don't y'all think so too? Also, there's another Reel on Gaurav's feed where they've enacted an action scene and you shouldn't miss out on that for sure!

2. Ranveer Allahbadia meets Abhishek Bachchan

Ranveer calls Abhishek his everyday man crush and we couldn't agree with him more here 'cause he's our man crush too, hehe! Ranveer hosted Abhishek on his podcast, #TheRanveerShow and their conversation was full of energy and excitement. Idk if this was coincidentally but they're twinning in their twin pose.

3. Be YouNick meets Deepika Padukone

Nick was invited to the premiere of the movie '83' and the result that we see above was totally worth the wait. This picture reminds me of only one word which is 'OG' 'cause both of them are in their respective genres for many years now! Where would we ever get to see so much talent in one frame, tell us?

4. Aadil Khan meets Daisy Shah

Firstly, Aadil Khan looks super geared and pumped up dancing with Daisy Shah. Secondly, will 'Jugnu' ever get old for us? We doubt! Every time this song plays the hook steps are ready in our head to groove on when the beats start. We wanna see them creating more dance Reels together 'cause they've defo raised the bar a notch higher.

5. Melvin Louis meets Nargis Fakhri

Oh damn, their moves got us hooked to this Reel. Melvin and Nargis set this amazing dance routine which we can't get over 'cause of how smooth it is. These 'Rockstars' have choreographed such simple yet catchy moves that we have literally saved it for future dance inspo. We'll defo try to dance on it since we're not pros like them, hehe.

6. Radhika Seth meets Soni Razdan and many more

If you don't know let us tell you that creators like Radhika Seth, Ayush Mehra are now venturing into acting and have also worked on a show together called 'Call My Agent: Bollywood'. This show is literally what happens behind the scenes with such a phenomenal star cast like Soni Razadan, (Alia Bhatt's mother) Rajat Kapoor, Aahana Kumar and many more actors. Being Radhika's first show we're so happy that she shared the stage with these celebs.

7. Sonali Baduria meets Nora Fatehi

Watching two mind-blowing belly dancers sharing the same platform has defo fired up the stage! This Reel is filled with so much energy, love, enthusiasm and positive vibes that you can't stop but watch it on repeat. We honestly love how they've planned their outfits, it's just adding that extra glow to the Reel. The hook steps of this song makes us wanna wear our dancing shoes already.

Woohoo, we're proud of each and every creator who has made a mark through their amazing talent and performance with the Bollywood celebs. We're totally looking forward to more drama, action and Reels ofc from creators this year. So, follow @missmalinitrending to get your updates on these. On a side note, we hope you're staying and working from home due to the rise in the number of cases. Until then, it's a wrap.