2021 saw a variety of beauty products being launched across categories. From creamy, liquid blushes to power-packed emulsions and fruit-infused skincare, we’ve seen it all and loved it all. I’ve tried my fair share of beauty products in the last year, some were hits and some were misses. It’s safe to say that I’ve updated all of my routines, whether that’s skincare, makeup or haircare.

It’s no secret that new beauty launches get us as excited as a toddler in a candy store. So naturally, the newest launches of this season have me just as pumped. Beauty brands never disappoint us with their innovative products, uber-cool packaging and swanky marketing. There are a few product launches that I’m super excited to get my hands on and finally try using them, here are they—

Fenty Skin, Pre-Show Glow Instant Retexturising 10% AHA Treatment

Chemical exfoliators are all the jazz right now, and Fenty Skin’s latest drop is included. Rihanna’s skincare line recently launched a 10% aha treatment that promises to brighten, smoothen and refine pores. Brimming with fruit enzymes, alpha hydroxy acids and rooibos, this product packs a punch with its revitalising abilities. It’s supposed to lift dead skin from the surface and gently exfoliate it to reveal a glowing complexion. Now, I’ve used quite a few chemical exfoliators, so I’m excited to get my hands on this particular one and see for myself how well it treats the skin.

Drunk Elephant, A-Gloeil Maretinol Oil

Drunk Elephant’s skincare smoothies have been acing our skincare game since 2013. Instead of choosing skincare ingredients because they’re natural or synthetic, they opt for a rather intriguing approach. Drunk Elephant selects ingredients on the basis of biocompatibility. That’s exactly why we can’t wait to experience their newest launch, the a-gloeil maretinol oil. A facial oil that’s infused with potent anti-oxidants AND a mild amount of retinol? Sounds like heaven in a bottle to me. The retinol boosts the skin’s natural radiance and smoothens out textured skin. While the anti-oxidants (hello marula oil!) ensure the retinol’s being gentle and promise you healthier skin.

Farmacy Beauty, 10% Niacinamide Night Mask

One of our favourite conscious beauty brands, Farmacy Beauty has just launched a 10% niacinamide night mask. Now, we love a good sleeping mask and we absolutely adore the hero that is niacinamide. Who wouldn’t want these to be intertwined with each other? Niacinamide is defo one of the most powerful and versatile ingredients out there, with its ability to balance out oil production and clear pesky congestion up. A leave-on mask just enhances these features and allows this ingredient to work overnight and replenish the skin’s barrier with intense moisture. It’s in my cart as I type this out!

Charlotte Tilbury, Beautiful Skin Foundation

A full-coverage foundation, a foundation with buildable coverage and a light coverage foundation. Charlotte Tilbury has ticked every box in the foundation checklist, no? Well, they’re surprising us with the launch of their newest foundation, the beautiful skin foundation.  Brimming with hyaluronic acid and rose complex that brightens and hydrates, this is an innovative product that infuses the goodness of skincare with the magic of foundation. The beautiful skin foundation promises to deliver a radiant finish that makes your skin gleam. Very on-brand for Charlotte Tilbury, amirite?

Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton

Okay, you and I both are super stoked to see Bridgerton return for its second season very soon. Yep, I binge-watched the first season and finished it all within a day, just like you. After all, the drama was so enamouring, wasn’t it? Let’s not forget the iconic makeup looks donned by all the elegant women of the show— soft, glowing and delicate. So you could imagine our excitement when Pat McGrath Labs decided to collaborate with Bridgerton for an exclusive makeup collection! An eyeshadow palette with royal hues, two highlighters with a scintillating radiance and a blush palette that’s reminiscent of the romantic times. We can’t wait to splurge on this one!

Gush Beauty, Stacked In Your Favour Multi-Purpose Face Palette

Gush Beauty is a fresh homegrown beauty brand with a vision to uncomplicate makeup, sounds fun, no? In a world dominated by 20 step routines, this brand aims to minimise that to single-digit steps. That’s particularly what’s gotten me intrigued. There’s always something hella refreshing about a beauty brand that’s helmed by a beauty enthusiast. With versatile products that range from dual-ended kohls and liners along with a multipurpose face palette, we can’t wait to play around with them. I’m stoked to try out the face palette because it comes with a lush blush, contour and highlight. Damn, sis!

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