Vishnu Kaushal is hands down one of the most sought-after creators on Instagram. His uber-cool persona and Punjabi vibe are what makes us keep going back to his feed for our daily dose of entertainment. Honestly, we seriously can't stop scrolling through his account 'cuz all his content pieces are too good to not have a second look, wouldn't you agree? One of his many series called 'I don't get it' is another one of the amazing content pieces that we love. As opposed to its name, we totes get his point. You should defo check them out if you haven't already. Scroll your way through them.

Let's see if you get them too!

1. Urban Dictionary

We have all looked up our names in the urban dictionary at least once. Well, who doesn't want to see a website giving us validation by showering sweet nothings as the meaning of our names? But well, Vishnu does have a point here. 'Roshni' can be 'a purposeful soul looking for adventure' but the meaning of her name is just, 'light'.

2. Private Accounts

It is just us or even y'all get confused between the same person's Instagram accounts especially when they're both private. Just like Vishnu, even we don't get this thing. It's even more confusing when such peeps keep switching their accounts and have the same conversation from two different accounts at the same time, haina?

3. Machars

Hahaha, even we don't get it Vishnu. Why do machars migrate all over our body even when the blood group is the same in each part, right? That's quite an amusing point to be noted. Just drinking the blood from one place is all we're asking, hehe.

4. Shaadi Scam

With every second story on our Instagram being of someone we know getting married, we totally understand each and every point made by Vishnu here. We can't help but think that this really is a scheme 'cuz that's a lot of weddings. The way Vishnu said, 'bhai vyaah-shaadiyon pe koi scheme chal rahi hai kya'? has us in splits, hahah.

5. Chill Parents

How we wish all parents were exactly how Vishnu's describing them! We absolutely love our parents for everything they do for us, but being a little more chill is all we ask for. But at the end of the day, parents are the cutest, right?

6. Catching A Flu

While currently, we're all worried about staying safe from Omnicron, Vishnu has made a really valid point here. It hurts a lot more when you catch feelings for someone who doesn't like you back. Oh my, that really got our attention like a shot, ifykyk.

Well, we hope you related to these as much as we did. We almost agree with all of Vishnu's points and love him for bringing our point to light, hehe. Except now we hope you are genuinely afraid of catching the flu a.k.a. Covid and taking all the necessary precautions to stay safe.