Don’t we all love when creators come together in one frame to entertain us? Hell yeah! You probably must have heard, “collaboration over competition”. Well, the launch of the Collab feature on Instagram kind of helped this statement come true. In the last few years, we have not only seen the creator community grow but also witnessed them ace the collab game like pros. Here’s a list of some unexpected creator collaborations that took us by surprise and got us jumping with excitement.

Here they are:

1. Sonal Devraj & Be YouNick

This was a collab we did not see coming and it absolutely blew us away! Little did we know that Be YouNick was such a superb dancer. Matching Sonal Devraj’s energy is tough but Nick really surprised us all and we have to say it was such a blast to watch these two make a dance collab, can’t wait to watch moreee.

2. Masoom Minawala & Prajakta Koli

We all know that when it comes to fashion and styling, Masoom Minawala is the ‘kween’ and when it comes to entertainment no one can beat, Prajakta Koli. After watching this Reel we now also know what happens when two supremely talented creators meet, well they jump on viral trends and start Reeling. Absolutely love how these two #BossBabes are dancing like no one is watching here, their collab truly entertained us!

3. Mayur Jumani & Dr. Richa Negi

It will be a crime if we did not say that this was an epic collab! Our jaws drop in surprise when we saw the music mashup pro, Mayur Jumani tapping-feet on the ‘gram with Dr. Richa Negi. We absolutely loved watching them get carefree and groove with one another. Such wholesome collaborations really make us happy.

4. Abhi and Niyu & Tanya Khanijow

We are not kidding, but this was something we never expected in our dreams. Watching Abhi and Niyu jump on a dance trend with Tanya was something super unique. Tbh, we are blown away by how well they pulled it off. Can you blame us for watching this ‘super sae upar wala collab‘ on loop, hehehe?

5. Dhanashree Verma Chahal & Karan Sonawane

Raise your hand if even you love Ganpati dance, we surely are! Karan Sonawane a.k.a Focused Indian is popular for his hilarious, witty and relatable Reels. On the other hand, Dhanashree is known for her power-packed dance choreographies. We bet, you must be thinking what similarity can these two have? This defo was a collab we did not know we needed and would need more in the future too.

6. Tanya Khanijow & Shivesh Bhatia

Is it just us or did you also see Shivesh Bhatia create content outside the kitchen for the first time? Wow, we have to agree that Tanya really has done some unique and interesting collaborations with creators. Watching Shivesh jump on trending dance Reels was something beyond imagination. But the truth is that he absolutely nailed it. Ngl, their collab totally reflects how cute their friendship is and we can’t wait to watch Shivesh and Tanya make their next dance Reel soon.

These collabs really gave us an insider to some unknown talents of our fave creators. Watching such amazing creators team up to create unique and creative content just to entertain us is quite a treat. We obviously cannot wait to watch them collab more with each other. On a side note while you are all enjoying and binge-watching Reels on your ‘gram don’t forget to stay safe and get yourself vaccinated at the earliest.